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Kinda rushed through this...hope you guys like it, though.
I made this because I was bored.

If you do not like these political Unlucky Universe comics, don’t fret! They’re very occasional, and probably only a dozen will pop up throughout a year, usually a few months at a time! They won’t interfere with our regular program involving Ray, Eel, Bass, and the others!
Not just Ray-nom, Venom, and Eel-nom, but Plant-Nom and Bendy-Nom, too!
Sorry for not posting for a few days...feeling a bit under the weather…
Because Sea World sucks, at least at the fish part! It’s only good for orcas and sea mammals—

*remembers Orcas aren’t there anymore*

Yellow and purple.

A grayish green color with big ol’ lips.

I’ll take the first, more fictitious but colorful choice, thank you very much.
Memories...the holiday season of 2016...
C’mon, Planty, that popcorn cosplay looks weird! Take it off!
Yeah, I definitely improved over a year and a half.
Plushie Ray is dank.
Unfortunately the trusty animating app I have doesn’t have many colors...including dark grey.
“Duke, do you want the ball” is just some vine that my friend Sid likes so I used it here I guess.
[Insert weird techno music here.] this is ERROR
Makin’ remakes of my older comics...nothin’ better...