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This may be wishful thinking, but are that eevee and torchic Milos and Riley from "Milos from home"? As a cameo that is.
I want the quest up there, but I can't reach it...
You are royalty Mya, you need the practice.
Is Shaun carrying Danny's tail with his mouth?
I don't blame you for getting the colors wrong. I had a feeling it was him. That is a nice color scheme anyway. I think I will add that as option #2. He is a 4th wall character, so I you decide to change his colors later, he will likely try to hand wave it. Thanks for the cameo!

Edit: also, I haven't actually seen what he looks like with the proper color swaps anyway, so I don't know if I like the "official" color scheme yet anyway.

Edit 2: Here is the character link if you guys want it:
It seems to have started here:
So, which cameo is it then?
Remember, paper covers rock.
Panic is healthy... For some people... Maybe...
I am wondering when he will bring up that he was up all last night (I think) helping people recover after the earthquake.
"What was noise?"
"The sound of progress my friend."
@Spinarak the Fool: Well, he certainly looks short enough to do that...
@Noahepix: Last I checked, that one is a he.
You might be able to fit the "Please don't kill me" underneath Volt's bubble in the last pane the same way you slipped the "Oh my god Volt" into the 3rd panel.
Question: wouldn't it technically be "Wake up, it is getting early" or is she getting up at night?
Yay for plot! Also, is Harmony a she or a he?
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