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Im an idiot with ideas. Dangerous combo, i know, but bear with me dudes.
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sam stop using no no words
I think you're doin great so far
Only a few pages are out and im already invested
Well this is awkward
@FluckingFeathers: im assuming his friend?
She then punches the phone repeatedly
April 18th, 2018
You cant just bang the suspects!!
Id hug the poor immigrant
And clean them up a bit
looks interesting
also i dont know if the poor guy can speak english bro
how considerate...?
tbh it is the person's fault for not closing the window
thats how you get ur car stolen
What do u mean this is the fight of a lifetime
Never bring a brain to a wrench fight
I feel like some thing violent is gonna happen in front of his baby eyes...hmmm
Being right isn't always the best
April 11th, 2018
Time to relieve that stress with subtle gay affection