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Im an idiot with ideas. Dangerous combo, i know, but bear with me dudes.
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A bright new day
They're growing up i can feel it
Oh man im finally caught up
I loove this story so far! Its like a nice mix of fluff and sad and emotional stuff
I don't trust this mystery Adrian
@weirdcartoonist: ur hurting my boy!!!! Nuuuuu
@O.O: the fourth son
This one doesn't work
More like scenic ladder
So intense
August 12th, 2018
Shes asking too many questions!
August 12th, 2018
But he might pay well bc he has crime moneys
@DaddyMars;): ditto
Emilio stop staring you creep!
@Neil bestrum: not really? I think she's shown up in the background n stuff but thats it
Whether thats his birth mom or not is questionable tho
Ooooooh dear
Based on your comment, Jim, I'm really getting more and more curious about this Heather person
Oh no his teeth fell out
I will wait as long as necessary to see one of my fav artists works
August 11th, 2018
What a nice giant