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Im an idiot with ideas. Dangerous combo, i know, but bear with me dudes.
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    Zoƫ Z. Snazzy
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I just noticed the whomp poster in the background lol
A comic about my weird dad bc today is his birthday!

Happy Birthday Old Man!!
this is a doodle of my bfs and my character from an aborted dnd campaign
he's the one who suggested this
Oh shit he just went for the killing blow
Yeah we probs dont need 1000+ pokemon in one game
It'll probs make a catch em all run more easier if thats how u play
How to get a spouse:
1. offer sharing a mom
2. marriage
What a sweet mamas boy
Iggy seems like a cutie
May 17th, 2019
@NDGOarts: lol well at least its the right page now?
Dang the crew just shrank again
Who wouldn't be happy for John and his tall gf Iris
May 3rd, 2019
They're such a cute family
I love how Ann just saw this coming yet didn't have first aid on hand
@ZSnazzy: i expected this to go better nooooooooo
Oooooh nooooooo
He just wants to be helpful
But what if spiders also had toe beans