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Im an idiot with ideas. Dangerous combo, i know, but bear with me dudes.
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12 hours ago
Man don't u just hate it when random kids just fall from the sky and steal your kills
12 hours ago
Welp better take some credit for his death
Aw noo! He needs loves and protection from a white man in these times!!
Idk about the girls but this dude seems fun
Oh noooooo
Shit that's real???
Splatoon 3-7 has been released now all on mobile phones with many loot crates
Nvm i think he just heard a man voice and that's why he's all (Ó△Ò|||)
Time to translate
She better have a fork lift for those big....eyes she has
I wonder what the other Cutie's name is
Wait whats the tat?
Im so proud that he's trying
I love Rudy's mom
So excite
Lol my fav line
"I'll save that foolish slut!"
Mr. Eburt what are ya doin
Gross gross gross gross
Id keep him anyway
Itd be like a never-ending sleepover