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Just a lazy teen who has to do something productive for once. Your welcome.

Ok.. I know you came here for more information so here it is. I live in the USA, and my time zone is EST, I has born in Indiana and now live my life in Georgia. I own 2 cats and a timid Chihuahua. One cat that is even older then me. I just adore animals, and many more of God's creation. (I am a Christian as well)

I love to play Video Games and spend time with my family, 'adopted' family (aka pets), and my friends. I spend my time either drawing, playing Pokemon (Acnl, Nintendogs, Skylanders, old wii games etc.), or just skyping with friends that moved. (Iz lonely)

If you couldn't already tell, I am socially awkward, I often ramble, don't say the right things, or I'm just downright weird. Oh ya, I also play a kids game called animal jam. ....... It's my childhood gimme.

And after all of that I forgot to talk about comics. Well, I may do comics but I don't think of myself as the best artist, and I'm still improving, so we'll see.
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I drew this with Medibang then edited it with Befunky.

Dude, you should totally check out Fandroid's channel. (The robot one) I drew a Litten in honor of his song. (Eh.... not really *cough*) Although he did make a song called *cough* Get Lit like Litten *cough* *cough*

Puns these days.
Mostly a test more then anything. I feel bad for these characters, they may never live up to there potential....
If you are familiar with the ds game 'Animal Crossing New Leaf' (ACNL)

You may recognize her. I can't draw humans or animals on two legs, just..... yikes....

So I decided to draw her as and actual cat. Although I may have missed a few details. And unlike the cute pupper, this one is not edited by Befunky XD
The little doggo that is my icon. I drew it and used Befunky for some cool filters. I'll upload the original sometime, right now I should actually get some sleep.