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I was brought here by "Aftertale". I read mangas, manhua and Webcomics (a lot).
I watch some anime but not as much as I read manga.
I play the Piano and make orchestrated version of video game music.
My favorite game is: Tales of Phantasia. (and then Undertale)
My favorite movie is: NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind.
90% of the music I listen to is video game music: original, orchestrated, acapella and acoustic version.
The rest is from animes and movies.
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7 Colors
I just notice the title is written with 7 colors...
Make sens.
Weird Train Tracks
Isn't the green bars supposed to be UNDER the yellow tracks?
That's a weird train right there.
Assistant real name
@PennyDerps: Assistant name start with an R, but if she was adopted by a Gloomversian family, it could be her true name that we see a glimpse of because she's from another country like Statoverse or something.
Assistant name
@PennyDerps: If you look at this page: /
you can see that Assistant name begins with an "R".
Coming from Aftertale
@Loverofpiggies: I've read Aftertale and loved it. And now I'm reading Gloomverse and I really like the story, backstory, and the mysteries.
RWBY reference
She's all Yang'ed now
Jacksepticeye's old intro