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Is it kinky time???
The picture explains it...
Sorry for not updating. I've been hella busy with college and its finals week. I had some free time so hopefully this can make up for it. It's a picture of the dysfunctional family with Akiko and a new character Cole!

Cole's character will be introduced in the second arc of my comic but before you ask, yes Cole is having dem babies. It will get explained in the second arc but poor Cole :(

I can't remember if I even posted Akiko yet but there she is! If you want to see other art for my October Night series, check out my DeviantArt!

I'll return later!
oh snap
I loved this! The grandmother and the janitor got me laughing a bunch xD i hope you continue it! Keep it up!
I don't know who to sympathize for
he's gonna apologize!!!!
Oh shit... burns are everywhere
Im still learning everything so sorry if it looks weird.
Everyone is mad :0
I'm still working on hands! Please don't criticize too harshly ;)
Sorry this took a couple of days. I got a bunch of personal projects going on plus homework from school. Thanks for sticking around!
He's so sad! I want to give him a hug.
*crying* oh nuuuuuu!!!
Checking in before class
This was hilarious! Perfect before class starts!
Thank You!!
Thank you first readers and new! It's nice to know you are giving this a chance :D This picture is also available on my redbubble (link on the side)

This was a beautiful comic! I loved every page and got teary eyed at the important parts. Thanks for the lovely story!
Reading this and laughing at a public bus stop is one way to get people to look at ya lol.
First Comic!
Hello readers!

Thanks for reading my comic :D

Just a side note, I update randomly. I'm busy with school and this is a personal side project. In the meantime while you wait for another page to come out, l please feel free to look my up at these sites!

See ya later!