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Recovering fujoshi and collector of plushies.

I do storyboards, sound effects, and text for Rumba Super ^_^
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The events depicted in this comic are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental. Maybe.
Sad Panda
What part of the panda was extracted? Probably it's tears. :(
Super Religious
If anyone says Rumba Super is satanic like Pokemon or Harry Potter, just direct them to this page. We've got BIBLE VERSES on BIBLE VERSES on BIBLE VERSES. *rips out pages of the bible and makes it rain*
Robot Puberty
Robot Puberty: Learning your arm can get a boner.
Looking for a jingle writer?
I don't like to brag, but this amazing jingle was written by none other than my talented self. It explores the deep themes, no no, the essence of cereal itself, which is something I strive for in all of my jingles. If you're looking for a jingle writer I'm your go to gal *finger guns and a wink*
the most beautiful transformation ever
Aww his big grin in the second panel is so cute! grrrinnnn *sparkle sparkle* >u<
@MorgLeFay: you're right. it's a really cute way to draw him running away XD
Nice buildings!
hahah love the guy in the back picking his nose. all the guys are so uninterested haha
I like the pattern you used on her stockings. I cant wait to see her outfit!
Indeed hahah. Aw thank you >o</!!
This page is ~adorable~. I really this comic so far and there have been so many great facial expressions. I can't wait to read more!!
@Teri1214: Aww thank you so much! We've been working really hard on it. I hope you will keep reading ^_^!!
@alichee: Please come out with a new comic soon! I look forward to reading it :)!!
@T.N.Roze: hahah I'm surprised too XD
ahhh I can't wait to read more. I hope she tells her sister soon :(!
She looks so cute in the "I'm doing this for love" panel >u<!!!