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@Frames: It confirms a lot of theories and, gives us Hobo's name which sounds more high class than a Hobo, haha... I can't wait for more reveals to happen now, like a reveal on the fact he's their dad later in the future, ah... my heart...~

On another note, I think about it more and how long was he with Harold at the start of the comic, if it was said I don't remember but, dang... I almost feel bad for Petunia, it's like a divorced couple where one child stays with one parent and, the other another parent(, Harold and, Amadeus then Petunia and, Wallis) except(, or at least I think) they aren't divorced it's just Amadeus doing his own things/whatever he was doing before all this, it seems.
(Also, I thought of his introduction again and, knowing how old he is(, which means at least a dad-ly age) it's more comedic looking back at it and, knowing he was playing with dolls than it is scary foreshadowing(, not saying it wasn't/isn't but, it's quite the funny scene), haha.)
@Guest: Sugar coated lemon candy with shadowy jelly insides sounds pretty good to be honest.

(Joking aside, this is nice... she doesn't seem to hate him(, or at least doesn't seem to hate his guts/have a grudge or, something against him) so I guess we can believe(/calm down about him since) he's probably not utterly evil and, it's just in the title or, something... I love this page so much, it's quite funny, haha.)
(I never thought he was evil but, still felt betrayed by him being suddenly seemingly evil.)

Also, hasn't changed his looks, huh..?
So he was always like that... that's interesting to me.
@Kiwi_Pikazz: Now that I see that and, just overall looking back at some of these pages, I feel it's plausible... I just don't want it to be true and, I don't know why, it's probably mostly because I thought of Hobo younger than a daddly age yet still older than a teen.
I know this probably shouldn't be taken well but...
This is so cute... Hobo's so cute... we went from dark to cute even though it's supposed to be interpreted as a dark and, a bad thing probably... just look at his cute face in the fourth panel also, this lemon kid is super cute like always except for the first two frames where he looks concerned.
Oh, no... no... he summoned... he summoned... candy.
Oh, okay, then.

If he doesn't eat it like most of us seem to be expecting I wonder if it'll go to Harold after, then Harold will notice the change in number or, something... just a random assumption.
@Brent: Someone just lightly pokes under his knee and, he falls over with a explosion effect from Google images.
@Guest: Mostly because of his dark colors being just like the Dark Lord though... I don't think he is but, I think there's a fifty percent chance that he is.
@DylanSoul: If he has then he hasn't gone to it, he's just always been like this and, hiding it... I hope he's not just straight up evil.
(I love our Hobo as well but, everything about him was foreshadowing or, just made so readers might look past it/ignore it... such as his personality the whole time we've seen him but, his introduction is a big foreshadowing and, a couple other things he does, I just hope we can redeem his evil turn or, something in the end.)
@Muontsy: Probably turning black since some other colors are the same and, some are turning black... the star on his pants is usually yellow and, his coat collar is usually blue but, both turned red so it's probably changing colors.
I saw the thumbnail/"Latest Update" on the homepage and, freaked out as I could tell what everything was and, I could see the dark text boxes and, I knew that Hobo went full on "lol, yea im evil what did u expect lolol"... Dang it, I trusted him(*cough cough* even though there was a lot of hints not to and, a lot of people giving good facts on why he's probably evil *cough cough*), my heart has been destroyed... he's still one of my favorite characters but, why..?
(Now, I'm thinking of that line from the Danganronpa three anime dub: "I put my heart in your hands and you squashed it like an eclair!", what a line.)

Also, in the last page he says "I could have just.../Just stayed at the campground./But./It felt wrong. Not to come here." and, looks to his lower right corner... this makes me wonder, why would he feel wrong if he didn't go there, he currently/in this page seems willing with what he's doing but..?
To all of you thinking he's not the Dark Lord or, he's just a servant or, something... it doesn't really matter that much I think, look at it from the main cast's point of view... even if he explains himself he's betrayed them and, he will be treated differently, if he's not the Dark Lord it only allows him a chance to either side with the main cast to fight the Dark Lord or, trick them and, work with the Dark Lord still, I can see a twist with him not being the Dark Lord but, at the same time I can somewhat see him as the Dark Lord for his "lol, no im a pure hobo, im not evil lolol", personality/fa├žade... I'm not sure if it's an act though because of the way he acted in the last page but, at this point I can't really tell if he even cares for the main cast... I just hope get a sweet cheesy ending for his "lol im evil" phase, with him just doing a cliche "lol, i love u all forgive me pls", haha and, not the main cast just going "we need to kill him, k".
His face in the last panel makes me want to walk up and, just hug him.
@Guest: You're probably right about the light thing but, that is one bright light, I'm waiting for a film crew to pop out and, whip out a fan for some Anime screenshots, haha.
Where is that light coming from?
Also, it's getting dark... oh, no.
Why does he look so upset/sad..?

I found the statue in revelations, page sixteen but, they probably all look the same(, not sure if this was obvious I really need to re-read this) since it's cracked in that image... so let's assume he looked at the third statue, the first statue or, a statue in front of him, he's looking at Indigo if the third one, if it's the first statue Red, if he's looking in front, he's looking at Green... this could be wrong since the shot confused me a lot looking through the revelations pages again, no idea why he looks up at the light in the end though... also, about the theories of him being dark lord, this makes me question it because, one if I agree with the theory this makes him look regretful or, something about the events that have occurred or, two if I don't agree with it, then he at least knows something and, is upset about it.
(Why do I keep writing lengthy comments all of a sudden, haha.)
I really want to be a patron, right now... agh!

(My mind is filled with so many JonTron Memes right now.)
@mystic-malevolence: I'd say that he'd be a certain color so it's impossible but, Rylie isn't a certain color than again she's multiple colors and, from what I remember people who have the dreams are color based or... that theory with Hobo is right since I don't believe the Dark Lord is a color, could be black though... he could be a mancer's servant but I think those are colored so it's a low chance or, he could be whatever Rylie is, that is stopping her from changing colors.
(I need to re-read this honestly so, no idea if anything I'm saying is right.)
@dransnake: You made me look back and, I believe Hobo went to go set up tents with Seaweed, Petunia, Evets and, Cirrus instead and, didn't go into the ruins.
Now I'm worried that my views on Hobo might change... I hope that doesn't happen.
When I went back I noticed that he was probably planning coming here, since he kept looking at it but, only stopped when he heard talking to eavesdrop... this makes me question what he was doing before which was him with his eyes closed, he was probably thinking, possibly of going into the ruins?
(Also, looking at this again, his expression is hard to read in the fourth panel... he doesn't look happy but, I can't tell if he's curious, poker-faced, or something else and, another thing since people are talking about the dreams, colors and, stuff like that, I wonder if a color can somehow hide that they're a color, I remember the clothing scene with Indigo but, it doesn't mean they absolutely can't somehow hide it in some way, it just means it'd be hard.)

On another note this page makes me think of the JonTron Meme that goes "I don't like where this is going..."
I won't lie, I don't trust him that much but, he's still my favorite character somehow, I think it's cause' he seems so pure and, kind... he's just so alone, my feelings... are confused.
Is he lonely or suspicious..?
Ah, my heart~