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"Hobo will remember that."
My mind immediately went to "Telltale Games".
I want the next page so badly, I want to know where this conversation may be heading or how it'll be ending, ah... two sweet boys talking to each other.
Panel two and the overall shading look so good!
I love Purple's confused face
and, Hobo's shocked/also confused expression as well~
I feel so bad for Hobo, he was just trying to help... also, I love everyone's reactions to Wallis acting all weird.
Hobo looks so confused and shaken up on the last panel, poor guy...
I love Hobo's expression on the last panel.
I love Hobo so much but he hardly does anything... ;w;
At least he lighting up the mood I mean Assistant looks uncomfortable.
*Silently whispering* Please don't look down, Please don't look down, Please don't look down...
I love how all you did was flip the image of Purple and, rotate it a bit. ^^
Nghhh... is he okay?
Always getting cut off.
I'd laugh if next page she says something like, "I have a name you know...", "It's-" and gets cut off by something like the train stopping. ;w;
It's so good...
I keep coming back to read this page again... ;w;
Seaweed's expression.
She still doesn't feel good about Assistant... ;-;

(Also, just noticed Assistant is wearing her hat. 'o')
Waiting for it!.. Ah, the suspense!
Are they going to where Wallis is, I just want to know how everyone will react to his arms and, how he will or, already has!.. are they not going there?.. How many more pages till they see it?! ;w;
When, I say try one I mean a hat.
I'm just curious, and I'm not gonna ask on the other page but... why does Hobo not have any magical powers, was Hobo always poor so he never got a chance to try one?..

I need a backstory! ;^;