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Wii Sports: Bowling
[ <<⊙ Strike ⊙>> ]
And, then they crashed.
All these comments are just praising how cute this Inversian is, haha.
Oh, you colored it this time?
Nice scenery going on, seems to be a huge plains area.
Me: Oh, steam now... cool, cool.
Also, me: *Frantically freaking out about geography and, world-building.*
I suppose I'm late but, happy birthday!
Blue's face afterwards is hilarious to me since it looks like she's thinking "Wow, she was rude." when she's probably just thinking of something smart, haha.
Yma: Blue, that's gay.
@Guest: Yes.
Red, best twister player.
Who's paying for the funeral?
The poor guy was super tired after his work Yma, this is what we normal people call "crashing".
Without his glasses he looks quite expressive and, I love it.
@Guest: Oh, hey I didn't notice that, that's a little amazing and, if we consider he was there for a while it means the color soaks in sort of like dye.
"Whoops, it would appear that jewel was actually another person."
"But, what if I wanted to cut my hair?"
I was thinking "What if the cover is a red herring?" and, it means door locks and, stuff of that nature but, seeing a hair pin means it's probably talking about hair locks.
Cool, hot water wife...
I mean technically she's cold since uh... you know it's water... mmm, yeah...
I didn't think Indigo and, Cirrus were related but, looking at people saying it makes me tempted because that would hurt my heart and, I really do enjoy me some angst... there's been no hints that I've been aware of though so, I doubt it but, then again it's not impossible.

Also, everyone form a cuddle pile Cirrus needs it.
Eh, I don't think to many will do it though, wand in the arm may not be done or, at least not picked up by other cultures as fast and, strapping it to your could risk it falling out unless you sew a pocket to your outfit's sleeve that can close.

Also, what's up with Amadeus and, Petunia's expressions..?
Petunia is giving Seaweed that, "Oh no if she says that my sons might do it... she's a bad influence she must be... eliminated." face, haha... tis' but, a joke of course.

(Purple seems pretty happy.)
"Oh, hi Wallis.", Purple's smug expression the whole time is so, perfect.
Nim in the second panel is perfect and, Seaweed laughing in the last one pleases me a ton.
Love their expressions throughout this whole page to be honest.