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I wish it didn't take so long to get updates. I really enjoy this!
Not a bad dragonite if I do say so myself.
One of everyone's favorite pokemon.
For the longest time I thought it was called "zapados"
Guest Drawing
Kabuto by Sasu
Guest Drawing
Omanyte by Sasu
Guest Drawing
Omastar by Sasu
I'll admit I'm proud of this.
I didn't mean for him to be so big...
I'm pretty pleased with how this one came out. His head looks like boobs.
Not terrible!
Maybe I should have drawn him with a bunch of tongue piercings...
This is a pretty sweet Krabby right here.
Oh Cubone....
@THEANIMEPERV84: thanks! At first I wasn't so sure about it but it's grown on me.
Yay Bellsprout!
@EoTN: Thanks for sticking with me! It can be discouraging when stats indicate low viewership but comments turn it around!
Digletts are surprisingly hard to draw.
I apologize for this.