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Gogo Marz
I've drawn manga for over ten years, and have been working with Manga Studio and Photoshop half as much. I also write indie books and make digital comics, since I've never done traditional.
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    Gogo Marz
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Gogo Marz
March 19th, 2019
@WindowMaker They're plastic bottles.
aw, boo. I really wanted to see more. A chicken, tho! hahah! A fat one too!
Great Story
It's not often I find an indie story that's this creative. I really enjoyed this, and the end caught me off guard! It made me feel things, and that's always a pleasant surprise. You do great artowrk, and great backgrounds. For a little while it reminded me of Princess Tutu, which is one of my most favorite animes of all time.
Gogo Marz
May 20th, 2017

Sorry, I was messing around with some stuff and forgot to restore my template. I update pages weeks in advanced, so things tend to get a little messed up no matter how many times I go over it. Hopefully I fixed it. In any case, the bottles are tiny, and plastic. Thanks for pointing out my mistakes. It's good to get them early before too many people see it.
Gogo Marz
May 19th, 2017
This cover page is so dope!
I really am impressed. What do you use for inspiration when making your backgrounds?
Gogo Marz
May 19th, 2017
You do amazing artwork. How long does it take you to do a chapter?
Backgrounds are hard
You take pride in doing your own backgrounds, I see! A lot of work, isn't it? Do you use reference photos?
Good Art
I already love this art. I can see you made an effort to distinguish faces, which is something I often don't even see in big published manga.
Gogo Marz
May 11th, 2017
27 Fixed
Thank you for bringing it to my attention WindowMaker! I set these pages up a week in advanced, so I might have forgotten to upload an image or something. Hopefully you can see it now!