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Happy birthday, Kalo! Don't lose hope! Have a great day!
Happy Birthday, man! That's kind of funny,because mine is tomorrow (March 2). Hope you have a good one!
And go to the Prologue of Volume One for the conclusion of this particular story (and the epic fight between Dio and Ladon)
Tfw you forgot how adorable Leon is amidst all the backstory drama
2 0 1 9
Happy New Year, everyone! To another year of Victory Fire, among other things!
Ewww... nature

It's one step beneath leaving my house. The only thing below that is the cold.
True Story, N, my boy! But, Jen and Lovrina might be a recipe for disaster?
This page is too adorable, especially those last two panels!
Jen is freaking adorable
First & Second Panels
First Panel
Jen looks like she could use a hug

(+ Little Mycaelis)
The art is absolutely beautiful. Here's to Volume 2.
Well, Happy (late) Birthday.

I hope you can sort out everything that's happened to you and your family, and I wish you the best of luck with the comic.
God damn, this is intense. Like Theseus said, Get 'em off our ship! Protect the cargo!
I'm sorry if this sounds weird, but Rodney is adorable. 'Tis a shame he was beaten in the back of the head with a large stick. Poor Avis, she probably feels terrible. DON'T TELL HIM, THOUGH! You don't know what that could trigger.
If you try than you can FLYYYYYYYYYYY...

But in this case, not over the rainbow.

im the worst.