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@Snowyraven031: well at least it's better than mine XD
@Sabinoplane: well I mean they kind of looked similar so....
A Beretta? really?
@MR.Zoet: well now that you mention about naming her Pula?
I don't know why about naming him as Jack?

I'm sorry XD
Naya: why are you always so cute and fluffy?
I guess this explains how Queenie became a lesbian....
*Red Dead 2 intensify*
Toby: hey I'm grump

Xale: I'm not so grump

Both: and we're the game grumps!
awww that's cute!
option 4 sounds cute
@KaidaCreator: long time no see bro! welcome back

that's an MP 40 maschinenpistole!
ok...a zombie virus....ah let the espeon live it's not hurting anybody
OPTION 1 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

byw does that mean she's gay then?
( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)