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last words:
Ya te chingaste güey!
@ChaoticComics: are we gonna continue rping ?
Kishi:do you remember being a human and do you know what it is?
music for situation:
I don't know why but for some odd reason I fin that Nick is my favorite character so far...(P.S can we rp plz?)
@Flaming_Eclipse: I'm in new zealand and it says"UTC/GMT +12
@pixlyJolt: well if this if for rp then when can we strat?
ok i'm what?
I'm new here so I have no idea wtf is happening
@ShadowStalker1128:can you also put a helmet, a rife and a dog tag next to his grave ( because he's a soldier and that's a sign of respect when they die)
can you make it say:
"Here lies Deadlock who bravely fought and killed 1125 infected before submerging from his wounds"