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And today, class we talk about stranger danger. Or not, apparently.
400 yayyyyyyyyy So happy for you! Thank you for sticking with this and even if you take another long hiatus I won't care because you've given us so much!
Anzu-Vision is your best way of causing chaos but enabling us to understand where the story is headed and boy, is it funny.
Houdini right after Crys yelled that represents every bystander in relationships like this one.
Oh *@&# the betting pool is actually heating up what have I done?! A tumblr joke has gone places. Though... Gold's mom does already have money on him. Eh.
These interactions so far have been pure gold! I'm wiping a few tears of laughter from my face.
...Welcome back. Your writing is still really awe-inspiring.
What a great beginning to this rivalry. I'm gonna say it again your writing is amazing.
@Matthew: Fair. Either works.
So casual... everyone knows they need to keep strong for the rest of their teams... but still it makes me sad.
Askblog: 60% "trying" to comfort Gold
Oooohhhh that was great! Though... hm... Daisy is kinda getting a worse reputation. Actually, no I don't think it can get any worse. Question is, do we finally see the protagonist? What was his name? Dan? Dean? Ugh I can't remember.
Happy birthday! Thanks for keeping it real.
@Bluemj61, @wedward45: Gold's just heating up, hope he doesn't burn out.
Oh *@&# a perfectly valid explanation that didn't ever cross my mind.
*breathes in* *breathes out* GOD DANG YOU'RE A GENIUS.
Yaayyyyy 4th anniversary! Feel better soon.
Welcome baaaaaackkkkk!! I missed you!