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But for how much longer is the real question...
... that last panel scares the *@&# out of me.
*@&# it, it's a thing now.
Stinkshipping works a lot *@&#ing better when you don't use the American name. Nice.
Pichu 250
December 21st, 2017
I might be new but...
I've read everything in just 2 days. And by everything, I mean everything you've ever posted on smackjeeves for this comic. And I understand just as much as anyone else, so please don't feel obligated. Thank you for putting up with guest BS, because nobody should have to deal with anonymous haters. Thank you for getting this far.
Oh... jeez, right. Diana died back in 246 so Lina would be necessary, I suppose...
NVM I sounded too insensitive.
Guys... chill.
Kynim will be finished when she's finished. She's put a ton of effort into this series, and she balances this with school, Deviantart commissions, and life inn general.
@eworm after reading your profile on the cast section... We care!
The great thing about Ruby is he's not the main character and you can get away with giving him an ORAS setting. Which automatically makes him a bada**.
Five... Five... Five...
Congrats on FIVE YEARS~!
@Dragon Master
You're going to the Distortion World for that one.
Oh, ****!
Well, that does it. Did you ever cover ice in the elemental theory? It seems to be a little... important to plot. Because not only is Lorelei cold in attitude, but definitely has a softer side. And jeez, Petrel. It was ONE STRAND OF HAIR! You'd think this would be harder to spot.
What I Saw:
Jet's Black Nuzlocke Poster (AWESOME!)
Mario Odyssey Poster
The REAL Lorelei? Hmm...
And celebration confetti around my computer for the newest BIG.
You OK?
@eworm it's 11:36 Pacific time... and nothing. Stress? Exhaustion? Hope you feel better if you're sick.
@boom: Man, that thing was eating people in earlier comics. I honestly would not give a darn if it was dead. You have to realize how this nuzlocke comic was Kynim drinking the reader's tears. That thing is an actual monster.
Crud. That... actually really sucks. Hope you're not too affected by this. Your comic is amazing, and you come off as a really good guy. Thanks for so much fun in the form of 326+ comics.
I'm actually curious about that too. Any answers?
Sorry guys, but remember how Zekrias died two comics before it was actually put onto the comic? This is probably the same thing for Jojo.
I'm going to be sick.