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Pichu 250
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Jesus Mii I didn't think I'd be blown away but holy *@&# that's impressive.
The baby has grown up... and... yep. Still hates Gold.
50% sure he's about to get jumpscared by Gold.
Gooolllllddddd... so close yet so freaking far...
Crys better not lose another Pokémon to a Kingdra...
Oh please don't tell me that was Lads' actual strategy.
Pichu 250
October 12th, 2018
They are just a little too calm to be playing Fighter Frogs. My guess is that they're still on the loading screen.
Yes! Ruby finally gets (another) 6th team member! ...eventually. Hopefully this goes better than Demon Lord's first stages of life...
Silver looks like he's about to *@&#ing die any second now. So, an improvement to not showing any emotion at all, I suppose.
Pichu 250
September 26th, 2018
Oh, lord.
Welcome back, Lynn! I think that whatever you want is the best for this webcomic. So you go, girl!
You know, the cast once voted Silver as the cutest member in the askblog. This only confirms it.
I love it but I'm *&@#ing freaking out on the inside. Thank you and I'm sorry about your tablet.
Oh! A casual Kotone appears... annnnd another episode of the brothers fighting. We really are back to normal.
... Goodbye Lexi.
No probs! Take your time.
"Sir, do you know what you are doing?"
"Not at all"
Oh, boy Ruby. This character arc of yours is worrying me more and more...
Mii... you should really slow down with the PokeSpe references... actually, you know what, why bother?
"Dad! It was just one Earthquake!"
Thank God Ruby finally learned how to ride the bike.