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I love it but I'm *&@#ing freaking out on the inside. Thank you and I'm sorry about your tablet.
Oh! A casual Kotone appears... annnnd another episode of the brothers fighting. We really are back to normal.
... Goodbye Lexi.
No probs! Take your time.
"Sir, do you know what you are doing?"
"Not at all"
Oh, boy Ruby. This character arc of yours is worrying me more and more...
Mii... you should really slow down with the PokeSpe references... actually, you know what, why bother?
"Dad! It was just one Earthquake!"
Thank God Ruby finally learned how to ride the bike.
Well, Norman, you have 2 teenage sons that aren't in the house. At least you're saving a little more money.
No, Mii. Glasses are *@&#ing expensive no matter where you go.
@youngcannibals: actually, might not be enough.
Ah, yes. The screw-you-I-have-a-natural-20 strategy. I love watching that happen to my friends.
Eye think Ruby has a problem.
And the Little Hero title is passed on. But seriously, poor Professor Birch. If he doesn't get rest, a Poochyena might maul him for real this time.
Who the *@&# is that?! I must be really behind on the news.
Blushing right as you get knocked out? Jeez, does masochism sound familiar at all?

...JK that was an ingenious strategy. "I'm going to seduce Tesla just to figure out which one is real!" is a great strategy. Well written. All though so much for Seth not being there because "canoodling".
@Matthew: which stil couldn't dent Kyogre or Groudon!
Have a fun trip! Summer is calling.
Ah... yeah. The fact that they're only 14 is constantly forgotten.
Well, if the story has to do with a certain askblog... I'm in!
Oh, my. Rudy's face only confirms my suspicions that he has some antics planned.