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Pichu 250
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@Eevee power: SHHHH! New readers don't need to know yet! I did prepare, too, though.
... Am I high? Or am I high?
Good luck in school! Ahhhh your dedication is so strong! Good luck!
The yonkoma are such a nice touch!
I'm so excited for [insert chapter name here!]
Ow. And thank you. Again. But ow. Memories.
Screaming, I am screaming.
I joined waay too late into this series. I hadn't realized how much I missed until I read Crystal, and I fell in love with the series.
Everything was just so well done and I excitedly waited every Monday and Thursday for something to show up on my dashboard. And it never disappointed.
Thank you. And I can't wait for the last one.
Ahhhhh you're storytelling is so good!
Oh yay now Pinkie Pie has ice punch... as if she wasn't enough of a threat to Champions and their pokemon already
Pichu 250
August 7th, 2019
Heart attack from Eevee aside, awwww.
YOU DID IT!! YAAYYYYYYY! 4 YEARS! AND THEN 8 YEARS! Oh, I wish I had found you sooner!
Clap clap clap clap clap clap cla- wait what did you say in the comments OK yeah I'm definitely not sure if you're joking or not and that is terrifying. Also Fuji trying to hold back tears of laughter is hilarious.
Aw *@&# I lost money. I bet more on Crys than Gold.
No matter how many times I've seen that one painting you drew for this one I'm amazed!
Welp her brain got scrambled like an omelette and clearly Riza didn't react so... hm. Hmm... HMMM...
Pichu 250
July 18th, 2019
And today, class we talk about stranger danger. Or not, apparently.
400 yayyyyyyyyy So happy for you! Thank you for sticking with this and even if you take another long hiatus I won't care because you've given us so much!
Anzu-Vision is your best way of causing chaos but enabling us to understand where the story is headed and boy, is it funny.
Houdini right after Crys yelled that represents every bystander in relationships like this one.
Oh *@&# the betting pool is actually heating up what have I done?! A tumblr joke has gone places. Though... Gold's mom does already have money on him. Eh.
These interactions so far have been pure gold! I'm wiping a few tears of laughter from my face.