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Pichu 250
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@Bluemj61, @wedward45: Gold's just heating up, hope he doesn't burn out.
Oh *@&# a perfectly valid explanation that didn't ever cross my mind.
*breathes in* *breathes out* GOD DANG YOU'RE A GENIUS.
Yaayyyyy 4th anniversary! Feel better soon.
Welcome baaaaaackkkkk!! I missed you!
Mii Happy Belated Birthday!! (Her b-day was yesterday!!)
Pichu 250
March 6th, 2019
Oh, perfect. That was *&@#ing gold.
Why did I feel a chill up my spine when he said "but don't be fooled by my behavior?"
Gah, I swear this arc is a heart attack waiting to happen.
JK, you might be right? I hope so? Oh, boy.
Pichu 250
February 20th, 2019
/insert bad "that's a cold attitude" joke here.
Also, mega evolution in this world really messes up the eyesight. Must be the bright neon symbol.
Why am I not surprised those two immediately flipped their opinions? Their faces capture the change perfectly.
@Guest: No, but in the RSE series Wally sent out grovyle against dusklops, and it used leaf blade. Knowing Mii, she woulda used a STAB attack if it was whacking her team.
Solid Leaf Blade...
Wait, Mii. Another pokespe reference? Srsly?
She looks sweet, but holy *@&# I'm glad I've never tried to Nuzlocke Emerald.
Pidgeys are terrifying
Pichu 250
February 6th, 2019
What a wonderful ship. But *@&#! I thought you were about to lose another team member.