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To kalvin
So that "ability" you have can you control or will it always result with you bleeding out
@Emc_502: Omfg lmao
Oh how the chips fall
@Mahira: game reference lol
Hmmm🤔 references lol
Keldio used too
At least its my theory XD
Pls take a break pls
@ultrawandit: I want to hug it and give it cuddles uwu
That building in the middle tho
Same but its 4 am and I was soppoed to be asleep 7 hours ago and I go to work in 2 hours XD

Help meh 😂😂😂😂
Amigoooooood thattt veee
The door 😂
Yea the cavalry has arrived
Have them kiss yeeeee