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@That1Geek: yea sadly your right but IF someone makes it as a fan game then I would play it because that's the only way that I see it as a game by it being rom hack or a fan made game but still I would buy just saying

And don't worry about your rambling I read the whole thing and considered all of it
Question why isn't this a pmd game it has a good plot good characters and I would love someone to turn this into a actual pmd game I would buy it
Is a shiny vulpix. -3-
A battle get into battle stance hb

And I figured it out the missing mon is the riolu
@StarlightNexus-Chan: is the one in the light a brother or sister

Or when they saved the world the disappeared if so that's sad
No jk
With that cute face I couldn't say no
And she do a heal
Lol electric type hair

or clap clap clap clap clap
Why does her eye have that little smidge of pattern

And also who 0-0?
I would be like nope I'm packing my stuff and leaving I'm out of here
Its corruption from the other flareon or am I in the wrong comic only tim will tell
Mid air dodge nice vagus
Here's Johnny !! Lel