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Nah hes ganna do a muda muda requim XD
@Murp: idk because its difficult to know if its one or the other either way I can uderstand both so it doent look different to me
Just ganna remind y'all that onece this is over jake disappears ;-;
*spray bottles pix*
Wait no bad no 4th wall break
I have all the starters minus mufkips lol
@Jakkal: yea sorry I don't blame ya but yea to the first and idk I just saw the numbers and my bad if it got you mad my bad bro
That door number tho lolz
August 17th, 2019
Yaaas best couple
Hey you guys are almost at 100 pages of comic good job and congratulations :)
What page? I never notuced until now
Yooooo my man goku
Yaaaaaaas she returns
Good my aprentice