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I am a gamer and I Love the loneliness eevee the best!
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Good Job!
I really like how you did this kinda montage, It really help explain what they went through and it doesn't have all the Text boxes, which is also a plus!!!! I like it! I hope to see more of this from you, but until then, Good Luck! :D
@Pinkeevee222: I can't wait to see what happens next! :3
Nice Job!
@ShrubSparrow: I love the feels that are going on right now. :D
I enjoyed what you made so far...
@ShrubSparrow: Good job on the comic so far I really enjoy it, it quick and simple, but it gets straight to the point, nice work!
@sans_da_eevee: I just sent you a message on this same picture on your deviantart, so look at that message when you get a chance, also again, I hope you have a wonderful day! stay cool!
Thank you!
@sans_da_eevee: I was trying to find you on deviant art, but I couldn't find you under sans_da_eevee, so I was wondering if it was different, thank you though for letting me know, I will try to send you a friend request or maybe a watch or something with a message, so you know it is me.
@sans_da_eevee: I need to ask is your username on Deviant art the same as your username on smackjeeves here?
Hey Sans_Da_Eevee,
@sans_da_eevee: I was just wondering, but where will you send my request once you finish? Will you send it here or my deviant art, I was just wondering? If you don't mind me asking of course, as I am sure you have your own things going on, but I just wanted to know if you got a sec?
@sans_da_eevee: Just take your time okay and try not to push yourself, I hope you have a good night, take care!
SO I just posted it..
@sans_da_eevee: the discription of how I think my OC should look like, but you may not see it since it is further up, so just wanted to send you this to let you know, p.s. let me know what you think.
okay, so...
@sans_da_eevee: the thing is normally my username in most online or even email usernames are based on some form of light + dark based name, so I want a eevee OC same as before but one that fits my inner darkness and my inner light, so like a snow white colored eevee with dark colored eyes and a mischievous smile.
also if it is okay with you, could I...
@sans_da_eevee: Make a request for a different OC, the thing is the profile pic you see is the closest representation I could find to a pokemon creepypasta known as Abandon Lonliness, hence my specific username and a slightly different scenario to the creepypasta's ending for the eevee known as Lonliness. And the thing is if that OC is supposed to be me, I just see myself a little differently is all, which is why if it is okay with you could I give you a discription of what I would imagine my OC to look like?
also here is the link.
never mind you are right...
@sans_da_eevee: the picture does have 3 scars on 1 eye, although it is the left eye, it should be on the right eye, although it is still so amazing how you made all these OC so thank you so much for that.
My profile pic doesn't have the scars though I can show you the link although I can see why you think you see it.........
@sans_da_eevee: Also I still love the picture as a whole though it is even better to see my own OC that is amazing and breathtaking, I really love the characters you drew, but I do have 1 request, I am pretty particular when it comes to me and OC represetation so I was wondering could I give you a possible discription of how I would imagine my own OC to look like?
@sans_da_eevee: No I think I made it twilightvoid12, so look me up under twilightvoid12 that is my account name on deviant art.
just to clairify, but
@sans_da_eevee: the same eevee that has 3 scars on the right eye, is that the one you mean? or is it the faded pinkish-purple one?
@sans_da_eevee: I am so glad I decided to check smackjeeves today, I almost did not see this post in time, but once again even louder this time! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! SANS_DA_EEVEE! YAY!
@sans_da_eevee: I have a Deviantart account as well would you like to maybe chat sometime?