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I'm Jairus whattup. I draw and write comics and I really love crocodiles and bees.

Twitter: @SharpiBees
Tumblr: @SharpiBees and @jairus-lizard (art-only)
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    Jairus (SharpiBees)
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Here’s a special piece to celebrate 5k+ subscribers on Tapas!! I’m honestly so flattered that y’all are reading so thank you so much!!

Along with this though, I do have an announcement: Missummon will be going into an indefinite hiatus :’)

I unfortunately was hit with a personal event that caused a big change to my financial situation, so I’ve been juggling jobs, finishing commission work, and keeping up with college work, which has left me little energy to work on comics and art in general. I’m super fatigued atm and I honestly really underestimated how much I could handle, so that’s my bad :’) Take care of yourself and don’t overwork my dudes.

Please don’t lose hope though! I will be working on the comic pages behind the scenes, and once I accumulate an actual buffer (for real this time), Missummon will immediately update on a week-to-week basis rather than the current slow updates I’ve been doing as of late. I will also be posting these buffer updates on Patreon as soon as I finish them, so patrons can still get the benefit of reading these updates early if they wish!

I’m doing this in hopes to kick Missummon into a more consistent update schedule, while also giving me some breathing space so that I’m not finishing pages last minute every Wednesday ahah.

I hope you all will like what I’ve got in store and I hope I can get Missummon back in full swing pretty soon! Thanks again for your patience!

You can also follow me on Twitter (@sharpibees) for further updates!
<img src="" alt=" " width="500" height="534">

<p> I'm currently reflecting Missummon on Webtoons!:

I'm still in the process of editing updates to better fit Webtoon's format, but if you like the platform and wanna support Missummon, please consider following Missummon on there! Thank you! </p>
Intermission END
Drew something quick to conclude the intermission Missummon will return to regular updates next week :^)

Thanks so much to all the guest artists!! I hope yall checked them out bc they're all really cool and talented friends of mine, and each of them have their own art stuffs that are worth the look!!

Also uhh sidenote I constantly forget to plug in my YT stuff, but if u wanna see a speedpaint of this piece its right over here:
Guest comic by Windycube/OhNoItsWindy!
THIS COMIC KILLS ME ITS SO FUCKING FUNNY DHFJHSJF LET HIM SAY FUCK!! TY WINDY ILU. Also I fucking love the way windy drew these characters and also the background+background demons?? holy shit

Windy has a (chef kiss) superb sense of humor, but also a really unique and badass artstyle. Also her OCs are radical and you should def check her shit out if you already haven't!!

Guest comic by CytoSprout!
Guest comic by CytoSprout!
This comic is so wholesome,, sobs,,,

Check Sprout out on Twitter and Tumblr too!! Her animations, character designs, and artstyle are so so good and unique and she deserves spotlight >:0 !!

Guest comic by limesquares!
The guest comic's backgrounds absolutely SLAP. Lime absolutely went off esp on the one frame with Duchess I'm!! living!!

Lime's art is so dynamic and detailed and just?? So good?? 10/10 would eat please check out their art gotdam. Their monsters the way they draw fantasy stuff is radical.

Guest comic by ehartworks!
Bean and Kai were done so good in this update and its ABSOLUTELY BLESSED!! AAA

Eli's art is so good and smooth and they're working on some really good animation and comic stuff which im super hyped about!! CHECK THEM OUT ON TWITTER/INSTAGRAM!! DO IT

Instagram: @ehartworks
Guest comic by CytoSprout!
Part 1 of 2! Had to split this comic in half since Smackjeeves mobile squished the full version real bad for some reason :')
Chapter 2 END
It feels like its been so long since the chapter started *cough* 2017 *cough* but its finally done and I can't wait to move on to the next chapter >:')c I plan to prepare alot more for Ch. 3, and while I'm working on that I'll be posting a few guest comics. They're so good and I can't wait to show those too aaa

If you enjoy Missummon, please consider supporting me through ko-fi or patreon! I'd greatly appreciate it and its a big motivator for me to work on Missummon more frequently!!


Thank you so much for reading!!
3-part update
This update has 3 parts! Remember to read through all of them by clicking next c:
Heyy Missummon reccently hit 1K+ subs on tapas!! here's some celebratory extra art c:
We're back to updating babeyyyy. Missed y'all.

btw if you missed the last animatic this might be a bit confusing so check it out if ya can!! It runs directly with Missummon's story c:
<iframe width="900" height="506" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

So sorry this took so long!! I definitely underestimated how long it would take but I hope the end product was worth it!! Its my first full-on animatic!! woo!! (Also I totally forgot about Kai's back patch and only remembered more than halfway after working on the animatic was too tired to fix it, sorry about that :'''') )
Hey guys! Just letting you know I also got a ko-fi recently, and if you like my comic I'd great appreciate any tips over there! Thanks!:
hoooo boy gifs

EDIT: seperated the update into two parts bc the file's toooo big
Keeping this design as an alternate cover (voting was pretty split between this one and the official ahah). Might use it for something in the future!
NOTE TO NEW READERS VIEWING ON DESKTOP: On some screens, this website's black margin may be excessively wide along with comic pages being too far to the left. If this is the case for you, the issue can usually be resolved by zooming in on your browser to your desired level.
Character Cameos!!
Featured a buncha characters from cool friends and people who've left nice comments about Missummon! Thank u all so much!!

Features (all in the 2nd frame, left to right):

*cracks knuckles*

Crevan (timidstareli @ Twitter), Tarbone (CytoSprout @ Twitter), Halcyon (duskdragonxiii @ Tumblr), Carmen and Ramirez (Sylar), Chinook (kaylathatmod @ Tumblr), Regal (RegalReindeer @ Twitter), Blaine and Jeremoth (Koolaid_Girl23 @ Twitter), Orion (Windycube @ Tumblr), and wow a self-inseerrrt