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I'm a bit of an Otaku, nuff said.
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The only thing wrong with this is it's missing the part in the description of Miz where this version of Caretaker can't talk, and that Miz speaks in 3ed person.
Since robybang is dropping out then I guess we should just vote him out then...
I don't see a hospital listed on the map
A city this big and high tech should have a large hospital/medical research building
In a completely unrelated note: I’m wondering when Six and Urb will take notice to the Caretaker unit on Miz’s back.
At this time I'd think Luke would be bored, having gotten over the excitement of being a ghost he now went back to his normal gloomy personality. Though I think he would still be handing around and helping Franklin, he honestly has nothing better to be doing.
How Caretaker gets Miz the food he needs

Random Camio
Luca Rainbows! Luke's (from SJM4) twin sister
If I didn't decide to play as Miz I would have been her, but I decided to add her in this comic for fun.
@lizard-socks: Naaaa... It isn't worth your time to change it.
@Poppykook: I'm going with it being a joke since Caretaker's way of getting basic needs of survival is just bashing open vending machines. If Miz really needed money for something Caretaker would just break into or directly hack into an ATM.
Looks good to me
The only thing that bothers me is Caretaker's claws, they would be retracted when not in use.
Wow... I need to read these more often...
Caretaker can't talk so Lomiac would have learned the Miz's name from Miz.
Miz playing music for money...
He wouldn't be doing that in character, but I'm guessing its just a joke.
Anyone else suddenly think of Rorschach from The Watchmen during those first few panels.
I'm more interested in how many special roles there will be with this many players.
Miz doesn't know what to think... Most of his mind is still is pieces.
Name: Miz, [No Surname]
Age: 10
Gender: Male

Personality: Shy, Fearful of others, speaks in the third person.

Back Story:
Prof. Zee Solz�s latest scientific crime against humanity. Miz was kidnaped from an orphanage in a nearby city to Valton three years ago. Prof. Solz tortured Miz with numinous brain surgeries to prepare and condition him to play host to a fully operational (non-prototype) Caretaker unit.

When Prof. Solz activated Caretaker it attacked him, seeing him (from what remained of Miz�s memories) as the most immediate threat to the health of its host body. It then preceded to escape from Prof. Solz lab into Valton city. It is unknown what happened to Solz after this event.

Caretaker is an limited intelegants AI who�s only purpose it to ensure the survival of its host at all costs.
Caretaker is equipped with a multitude of life support systems fit for any situation. If Miz wanted to he could breath underwater with Caretaker�s help.
As it�s host, Miz is fully capable of controlling Caretaker, though do to Miz�s current limited mental function Caretaker operates in a semi-autonomous mode only acting when needed.
Miz�s mind is linked with Caretaker so it knows what Miz wants to do even though Miz cannot control Caretaker as of yet.
As time goes on Caretaker is slowly repairing Miz�s damage mind and supplementing the surgically removed areas with digital counterparts, though this is a slow process.

Caretaker is attached to Miz�s spinal cord and many vital organs. It is impossible to remove without killing Miz.

I suck at foreshortening... Those claws are all the same size, just at different distances from the point of view.
And there was much rejoicing
September 28th, 2012
Someone needs to start this thing!
Awww... I’ll hang out with you....
*looks at wiki*
Is it me or does that worm thing have the purest look of disdain in it’s eyes.
I literally drew it five minuets ago. So it’s in front of my on my desk. I guess I’ll post it on my DeviantArt account and post a link.

I actually took a crack at sketching her because I'm thinking of taking the match she's in. It turned out decent. If you want to see it I could put it on my DeviantArt or I could just post it here for a few and take it down.