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I <3's You!
Rawr means I love you in dinosaur!
You know what I didn't forget?
He didn't forget those balls he threw at me... Jerk. D<
What kind of school name is Chainsaw High!?

Sounds gansta.

ANYWHO: Sorry I've been like AFK FOR LIKE A BILLJILLION YEARS. (Actual Number. Fyi.)

I was about to blame it on finals... But that really doesn't account for the rest of the months (Wow, I'm such a lazy artist.)

Speaking... of ... WoW.

Yes, Cata came out, and now that I'm like 84 to 85, I have been so focused on gaming. Have I even slept in the last like, 2840398459 Hours? (No. Damn it, Blizz you've stolen my soul!)

So what's new?

Hmmm, Not sure actually. I'm hoping my old gang will randomly appear and comment, I haven't heard from them for a long time. ): I miss them.

I also miss you guys! You guys always were the highlight of my days. Knowing someone somewhere was reading the stuff I draw. It used to be for fun, but now, I feel committed to finish this story, if not for myself, for you.

So for whatever fans I have left, thank you.
Why hello thar.

*cries in corner* Don't give me those, "Where have you been for a whole year, you loser," eyes!

Yes, I know... WoW has stolen my soul for the summer, but it t'was T-Kun that has forced (with whip) this comic back to life. Certainly my life now in college has warranted all my attention... But it's summer, and I want to finish as much as I can. (:

In a couple a pages you'll start to notice a change in my style. Because even though I haven't been posting, doesn't mean I've stopped drawing. I hope you enjoy my new skills, (however small they may be.)

I missed you all, ;_____;

Wayyyy tooo happy, Gitaa. xD Remember that one time you took a nap in my room. That happy. *___*
Ah, I almost got lost in the side stories as well. They're important to Rei's development, I think they add background to what kind of guy he is. x_X But they can really get you lost.

Things we should gather from the last chapter...
He has a sister. (: *Ivan will be excited.
Uhm, and that mysterious girl is still around.

But it's time to get back to the story at hand. In the previous chapter, it was obvious someone had something to say to Kyoko, so let's see if they make an appearance finally. T_T
The "oh!" Moment
I have a weird feeling about 10+ people are finally making a connection, and saying, "ooh!" (: I love those moments.
*shy* Hi.

O_O Is all I can say.

I know it's been like- what a year?! NO way! I've been so busy- with all these college life thingy's, but finally in the third quarter everything's starting to settle down. (: Voila! I bring you images! And back to work on learning how to multitask both art and ... writing classes. (: At least my grammar is improving. (I say this was worth it, but who knows.)

Love you guys for sticking around. Chillax, and enjoy. <3
Thanks for hangin' in there.
Yes, I know it's been a month. GAH. >________>


Sorry! ): College has been ridiculous. Taking all my time. And even though I'm officially a pre-art major, this college has me doing barely any work. I haven't drawn in a long time. But don't worry, I have the next chapters in my desk, they just need inki'n and lovin' and we're all good. Alright- time to get back to work!

Thanks for staying with me, you're amazing! (: <3 I appreciate you very much.



It feels like all my emotions have been brought back to life after reading the newest comments I got. I had a bit... okay, a horrible writers block. It wasn't really a block, but more like... a... puddle of ugh... xD Literally.

But, now that my desktop is up and running again, I can start doing the comic the way it's meant to be done. There'll be another weeks period before I post the next chapter, but in that week I'll be putting the final touches on the characters bio page. I want it to be interactive. Cool huh? >.> Where's T-Kun when I need him.

So, how've you been? I'm always concerned. SOMEONE UPDATE ME ON MY FAVORITE ARTIST PLEASE!
I have this weird feelin' I'll be up all night reading manga on smackjeeves. X_x I mean I've been gone for over a month! Can you believe it! I bet I lost alot of fans. I'm really sorry for up and leaving. You know how it gets around graduation.

Not to mention Santa Cruz denied me! Whoa,I couldn't believe it! My scores weren't sent in correctly so they took me off the account! I broke into tears. I mean, I've put off alot of colleges that wanted me, and then this happens?

Well today I got it all fixed, and talking to the director helped. I wonder though, I hope I fit in. x_X I'm such a spaz.

But now that that's all settled I can get down to business. First up is working on chapter 9: The Forgotten Biography.

>.> A little more about Rei. O_O

;D It's worth the wait I promise. And a week shouldn't be that long... not as long as before.

I love you guys, thanks for reading.
Lol. *Le sigh, perverts always win. ;D
lOl. Which Ivan could it be?


Why did I give T-Kun... chest hair?
Haha, pwn'd at Starcraft... by a Korean..

Hmmm. I should be ashamed, but it really happened, so I'm not.
I'mma miss my teachers. D; so awesome they were.
Updates to come soon.

I'm really sorry it's been so long since I've been online. There's been so much going on.
I graduated! Yay, right? So I'm getting ready for college, which is all dandy, but..
For some reason... I have this horrible.. writers block.
I need to ink pages, and I just sit down and suddenly die inside. I look at my empty pages and... just can't... DO anything. I feel horrible right now, emotionally, and sometimes physically.

Sometimes I wish I really had a Rei that could solve my problems.

I'm just blessed to have such great fans and friends...

I just need to think about you guys, and I already feel a bit better.
>.> I guess... all... Kyoko can do... is watch.

And laugh.

At this point he's in high school. <3