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@Aura flame: thanks i tried to start a comic but didn't know how to draw it.
your comic is great!
@Aura flame: i like this comic sooooo much! by the way, what app do you draw it with?
@Aura flame: so the main character is Cancer the espion! how do you relate him with clay? I like your comic so far. It's going great!
I think you had a typo
@Aura flame: in your comic you say that the electabuz is named "Bolt" and in your comment
you say "volt" not to be mean or anything, I'm just telling you to help you. Your story is coming along well and your mom didn't tell me about the plot. Keep up the good drawing!
Hi! it's eli your comic is AWESOME! Nice job combining Wings Of Fire and Pokemon :D :D :D