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Oh never were one for stealth.

Anyway, the layout for the new site looks pretty cool. The whole notebook theme brings a welcome sense of reminiscence from the first chapter.

On a final note, YOU LUCKY PUNK! I so wish I could do that to my sister, but she wakes up for college before me. Maybe I'll just put my alarm clock in her her room. It's so loud, we've actually had complaints from our neighbors. Any way keep up the great work on this wonderful comic.

P.S. Is Riza gonna transform into her full wolf form soon or not, come I'm starting to get annoyed waiting.

P.S.S. Chibi Riza is so cute!
1)The Page look great.
2)HOLY CRAP, FINALLY!! I finally caught up after not reading since JANUARY! Then again school sucks that way.
If that's a rabbit, I'm scared to find out what a deer looks like.
At least you know not to overdue yourself. Until then, we will be dutifully waiting for new comics.

-P.S.-My comics currently on a bit of a hiatus, so you're doing better than me.
Again, amazing the change in personality between Earth and Rokenthia-, but I guess that's what happens when you travel through a dream catcher.

-sorry if I spelled that wrong.
Did I miss something, or am I forgetting something from the beginning of the comic?
Yay to you! -happy dance-
That. Was. Weird. I LOVE IT!
Fine so the thief-kids name is Daemian. Is he from somewhere else I should know about?
Ooooooohhhhhhhh. That is better that I thought they were going to do. Evenif they made it bitter sweet by betting on when he would regain conciousness.
The digital inking really make a difference. That is something you should definitely keep.
OK, that is just CRUEL!
Not much trouble following it.
who's Daemon
Happy belated birthday, since I'm writing this in August
WHOA! Didn't see that coming. Nice to see he's not a completely bad person.
Jeez, you're only in chapter three and you're already turning the poor girl into a killer? Man, that is just messed up!
Definitely a good plot twist. Not the one I was expecting, but it certainly took me by surprise!
Tyto and wild_blood92 are right. The ex-fans don't know what there missing.
This really is a great comic. I wasn't expecting much at first, thinking it was going to be yet another story of cross-dimensional travel, but you've really made it your own. Not only is the story shrouded in mystery and suspense, but the characters are have great personalities. I really like Luna. I've alway wondered what it's like to be a wolf demon. Oh, I'm babbling again, sorry. Anyway, great job on the comic and I cant wait to read on. :-)