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I'm an 80s guy. So yeah, I'm a Dinosaur. ;p
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hmmm... Somehow, I cannot see this on Patreon despite I have a $5 tier and it reads as a $3 tier.
Saw this during the Twitch stream. 8-)
She aint paying attention, huh? ;)
Two for the road! 8-)
Maybe Syd can convince him to loosen the shoes; Earthing can be very beneficial for travelers if you look into it. ;)
Nothing better than a good sleepover. All it needs is a Horror-athon & they're all set. 8-)
Hey Giorgie, wouldja' like a Red Balloon? =p
Looking forward to pt.6 next week. Wonder what dinner the family will be serving. 8-)
Wonder what'll happen next. :)
Sure give the phrase "Get a Lickin" a whole new meaning, ay? ;)
One of those rare pages where Sydney doesn't appear in a page. ;p
Putting her Best Foot forward for once. :D
ergg... forgot to login. X(

I wonder how Brock can see if he only squints? ;p
Not sure how Brock could squint so much without going blind. ;p
Most excellent. 8-)
Finally, you updated! :D
Looking forward to what the cover to ch.5 will look like. 8-)
I'll consider, though I already have a $5 pledge for Moonshen, but I'll think about it. 8-)
How much for the high-res versions on Patreon? Unless if it'll be ported onto here?
I wonder if there are larger images to this comic. Are there?