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Lark's face!😂
I want to hug the poor babies!
I'm so happy! Yay!
Came back in to say that your art is amazing!
Oh! Seeing it from this perspective was so painful. Someone love this baby! Oh! My heart!
So glad that's cleared up!
The art looks beautiful! But I'm so sad to see our man toss out the scarecrow!
I hope she just asks for honesty.
How long ago was that? So our boy just picked up and left. I wonder what Eder needed to hear, in order to leave.
They are adorable. Take care of yourself.
Don't be mad at him! Just look at that face! So cute!
I just reread this story again! My second time! I can't stop smiling! Such a sweet story ❤️
June 27th, 2019
See Doug! He likes you!
I'm looking forward to learning about Charlie.
June 20th, 2019
They are all just so cute! I want to know about all of those cute boys!
You tell him honey!
I'm still worried about what his "dad" is up to.
They both are cute. Can't wait to hear this conversation!
June 14th, 2019
OMG! Every one of them is adorable!
All accidents happen for a reason!