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Reckless Hero was founded in 2012 to create comic art for your homes and your bodies. The early days of the business was focused on developing art for t-shirts and art prints but in early 2015 Reckless Hero published its first comic ‘The Last Sheriff’. Our company is now geared towards developing more great titles and working with a range of other stunning artists to bring vivid comic designs and stories to life.
Reckless Hero was created by the Chris Imber, Chris Jenkins and Matthew King; friends (and former band mates) for over a decade. We are active on the comic convention circuit in the UK, visiting not only the larger conventions but also the smaller events focussed more on small press titles.
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@goodstufffluffy: Hi, thanks ever so much. In truth we cheated! We had the first comic out probably two and a half years ago so we have a big backlog of pages to put up before it gets caught up to the ones we are doing now. I'm not sure we can continue to do 2 pages a week forever and there will definitely be a break between issue 6 and 7 but I'll worry about that when we get there. If you're interest our artist goes by @RECKLESS_IMBER on twitter and @artofchrisimber on instagram.
@Dark/Light: It's all ready raring to go. I've just started work on issue 5 too!
Yeah don't know why this has gone up now, date must best wrong, I'll sort it out. Glad it wasn't a page with any spoilers!
@Xylas_Incarnum: You're quite right, I'll fix it at some point, cheers for the spot.
The Last Sheriff will return!
The next issue of The Last Sheriff will begin on 27th October!
Operation: Boom will return!
The next issue of Operation: Boom will start on 8th October!
They didn't know it was a Sheriff
@Skittsue: Thanks @Skittsue, we have got print copies of issue 1-3 of the comic you can get them at our website the only thing is that we're UK based, not sure where your from but the postage can sometimes be a killer. Thanks for the comment, have a great day.
@LIFELINE COMICS: Thanks man, we're trying our best!
@AmeliaP: Defintely, it's meant to be very video game inspired, hope you like it.
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