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I am a small, cat obsessed girl, who loves Pokemon, SU, UT, Warriors, and more. I'm not the biggest Anime fan, but normal and classic cartoons are where it's at. My hobby is Art, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE drawing animals, pokemon, and other not-human things. I might start a web comic. That would be nice :)
Stay giggles!
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Snowtail doesn’t seem too bad.

WoF is bae
Oh dear... we’re learning about Blizz’s green eye thing aren’t we...
We’ve got a river!
so I’m going to try and up the page production a little with this comic. I have a lot of plans for it so I hope we’re able to get there. Anyways, the pages are going to be a little shorter so that I can make more of them and focus on quality, instead of having to try and squeeze cats into tiny panels. So I hope there’s a relatively noticeable quality increase. I think doing it this way also makes it feel like the story is going by at a more regular pace, contrast to things seeming to happen too fast if I cram them all onto one page.

I’ve also started to make more pages in advance then I had before, so we should hopefully be seeing more regular release of pages and less mini hiatuses from now on. Also sometimes SmackJeeves dosen’t let me upload things for no reason so that may be delaying releases on this site.
I love it how he’s completely supportive of her decision to use violence in this situation.
My god espurr

Purple everywhere
Oh god it’s Espurr
Just so you know, literally everybody has a slight physical inability to “jet it and forget it.” It takes me two hours, probably longer, to make a page, and compare my pages to some other people’s at that. I have to plan out the laying of the plot, sketch out the page, fix any sketches if I made mistakes, line it, color it, shade it, do like 5 backgrounds, clean it all up, and then add the words, the speech bubbles, and the final effects. I also need time to make other unrelated art that I want to. I have a life, just like you do. I take classes, I voulenteer at shelters, I foster animals, I bake, I eat and I sleep. Even if I did have the time and could just spend some days cranking out pages, all the life, fun and happiness would drain from the project, it would become no more then lifeless busywork for me. There is another page in the works, near completion, but you’re gonna have to wait just like everyone else. You following me is not some sort if strip of bacon that you can hold above me like a dog and get me to beg for it. (Also the entire point of following someone is to be notified when the page finishes, just sayin.) In fact, you’re incredibly selfish and i’d prefer you to not be on my comic, or other warriors comics, or even Smack Jeeves. People like you give artists situations from emotional breakdowns to suicide all the time, people can’t always just handle being pressured into doing something they don’t want to repeatedly. I love it how you put that long “please” at the end that looks very sarcastic thinking that’s gonna change anything. So you should either leave or have a dramatic realisation of your mistakes pppppplllleeeeeaaassseeee or I just may block you. Sorry not sorry.
Get him get him get him get him
Be freeeeeeeee
I'd love waking up in a PMD world... then again I'd defy wanna end up back in the normal world after ;a;
True, but a paw as of like 10 seconds