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Smasher 101
Hi. I like Survivor and video games and other fun stuff. Isn't that neat?
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hi I exist lol

I'll try to make better comments again Soon but I'll just say I kind of like everyone here, even Amadeus and Tony are growing on me
well, that happened! I thought Charity was 100% going to go far but Im satsified with being wrong because she was actually my least favorite of this tribe anyway. I wont miss her
yeah Amadeus is probably doomed
that went exactly as well for the leaders as I expected! imo its between Josh and Amadeus, and while the latter almost seems TOO obvious of a first boot like...I dont know if theyd want to keep him after that lol
Amadeus is totally an early boot lol. that said I honestly dont have a strong opinion on him either way...yet. obviously hes a massive douchebag, but those can be either insufferable or actually kind of entertaining, and which way he goes for me depends on how his story plays out
lol Im late with this

honestly really mixed on Quickscope because hes a thin line between funny and annoying but this is a solid tribe right now? the other four are all pretty good so far
Jeannie is already amazing
Raiza is definitely my favorite from this tribe right now. Josh is also fun. Tony and Charity Idont hate yet, theyre just whatever
I may have said this already but I really hope Quickscope is out early tbh, its funny now but it can only stay this way for so long

Derek is actually really good so far, I am impressed
Jahira was my pre-season favorite. I have picked well
while he probably wont be the very first boot, not a chance Amadeus is making the merge if he keeps this up lol

I never commented on her reveal but Raiza looked promising and I already find her really fun
Quickscope was either going to be a hardass or this and I think this is better. that said I actually still hope he leaves fairly early because otherwise hes going to get old fast lol
the time has come
great start, excited to see how this ends up
Mele - most likely to have literally killed someone and gotten away with it. she seems like she'll be a lot of fun, and I kind of think she's in for the long haul?

Naomi - also seems like she'll be a lot of fun! I think she'll leave an impact whether she leaves early or go far, and I'm going to say she will be in a while

Nezumi - I'm really not getting a good read on her at all? the only thing I can think of is that I don't think she makes the merge

Ollie - oh boy! honestly I'm not that interested in this one and I don't think it will be around for long

Mele: possible endgamer
Naomi: early to mid jury
Nezumi: late pre-jury
Ollie: early boot
hi I'm late to this because I'm bad at remembering to comment

Josh - ...not gonna lie, I love Meowth and was considering submitting a Meowth character lmao. so he has that going for him at least! assuming these are the only two Pokémon I think one will be out early-ish and the other will go deep, and between the two I think Josh has more potential to do well

Joy - I...don't know? I have no opinion on her whatsoever from this. I think maybe she'll be in for a while though? there's got to be more to her

Kade - man I hope the ninja part ends up being literal. I do agree that he seems like he'll be well equipped for this. something tells me he's going to do really well honestly, and I hope he does

Lester - another character I'll find either entertaining or irritating. like I said with Josh I think one of the two will go far and the other will be out early, and with Lester's personality I'll honestly be shocked if they let him reach the merge

Josh: mid to late jury
Joy: mid jury
Kade: possible endgamer
Lester: mid pre-jury
Derrick H. - seems a lot calmer than Derek, that's for sure. I don't think he'll have too much trouble fitting in and feel like he'll be less of a threat than other beasts, so I expect him to last for a while

Jahira - idk if this is unpopular but she was actually probably my favorite of the people in the preview so I've been looking forward to her reveal! I feel like she'll also be in for a while and I hope that gut feeling is correct

Jeannie - she's going to be memorable no matter what, but as for long she idea lol. I think her chances can go either way, honestly

Jenny - I am indifferent to the fact that she's related to a canon character, but otherwise I like her! I'm glad there's a brain on the beasts, but I share Shaega's concerns. not really expecting her to be in for the long run, but I hope she surprises me

terrible predictions part 2:
Derrick H.: early to mid jury
Jahira: mid jury
Jeannie: wildcard
Jenny: early to mid pre-jury
@SWSU-Master: yeah, that's true. I'll stick to my prediction for now but depending on the rest of the case she might have an easier time fitting in on the eccentrics then she would on another tribe
It Begins

Amadeus - kind of hope I'm wrong since he seems fun enough, but I'm not too optimistic on his chances. he'll probably try to take control early and that could backfire on him

Charity - the only one of the first four I don't have much of an opinion on right away, but I'm pretty sure that'll change when I see her in action so I'll watch her. I don't see a reason for her to be in danger early on, and of these four I think she easily has the best chance of going far

CutieCat - I'm either going to find her endearing or annoying. either way, unless she can find some good allies early I don't think she stands much of a chance

Derek L. - yeahhhhh I thought he would be annoying from the preview and this hasn't changed my opinion. I do think he'll last a while though but will ultimately get targeted as a threat or something, probably

this will probably change a bit as the full cast gets revealed, but for now

predictions that will be wrong:
Amadeus: early to mid pre-jury
Charity: mid to late jury
CutieCat: early boot
Derek L.: late pre-jury to early jury