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Hi. I like Survivor and video games and other fun stuff. Isn't that neat?
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@SWSU-Master: going from Mario -> Pokémon just makes sense, I have to agree
here for this! great location choice!
@SWSU-Master: lmao I just checked this randomly and now I'm glad I did, glad to know it's going well!
huh, so Sierra finished second after all. genuinely thought it would be Vinnie, but oh well, we all knew who would win. congrats Doris!

and congrats SWSU also on the great season! it's definitely top 5 for me

went back through the season a couple of weeks ago and did rankings episode by episode to give you my final rankings:

20. Rosella (hated) - thought she had potential, but turns out she was both extremely useless and extremely irritating. thankfully she was only filler!
19. Bonnie (hated) - I despise her character but at least she a) was pre-merge like she should have been and b) was tolerable until the Scott boot episode so this version of her doesn't reach my bottom tier gj!
18. Lake (dislike) - I just can't appreciate him. he was VILE in the first two episodes and even until his boot episode he was just kind of annoying. at least he went out on a high note, but...I just can't bring myself to enjoy him
17. Clydia (neutral) - bad actress who played a bad character and was basically created so said bad character could play a third time. Clydia herself doesn't seem so bad though so she can be at the top of the "meh" area
16. Sierra (neutral/mixed) - yes, she got really annoying towards the end, and somewhat in the merge episode, but...imo her moment with Thorne in the Damon boot and a few of her pre-merge moments were really fun? and when she wasn't fun or annoying she was just THERE so...mixed feelings, overall
15. Bradley (neutral) - I thought he was rather dull this time honestly. a good guy but he wasn't that interesting to me. sorry
14. Angelo (neutral/mixed) - another character I'm mixed on. he started out really fun like Damon, though as time went on the worse aspects of his character started to come out and he ended up becoming grating. and then in the last part of his stay I thought he was both fun and ugh in any single episode so here we are
13. Cassidy (neutral) - when she was revealed I thought she had potential to be a little amusing, but could get annoying if she lasted very long and should and likely would be a filler early out. and that's exactly what happened
12. Scott (like) - lol I was admittedly surprised when I realized I liked him. he wasn't amazing or anything but he was sort of fun in his short stay
11. Eli (like) - I can understand why people would be annoyed by him but I think he's fun. that said I'm glad he was more low-key this time because two seasons of him being super over the top would have been much even for me
10. Thorne (like) - I recognize she's basically a shitty person but there were plenty of times where her dryness and other things amused me
9. Iyzebel (like) - I honestly really liked Iyzebel in both of her seasons. I actually found her fun and plus Purada <3 looking back she had several great moments this time too and her exit was excellent. congrats on your marriage with Scott btw!
8. Doris (liked) - her winning was set in stone as soon as Junior left but that doesn't make her bad. she was boring in a few episodes but she still plenty of fun moments. not one of my favorite winners but I'm satisfied with the final result regardless
7. Brandi (loved) - I think she was the only character this season I felt went a little too early. maybe I was wrong but I felt she had a little more potential in her. GREAT redemption arc, regardless
6. Vinnie (loved) - lol I should probably hate him but I don't? I've always found him to be a really entertaining villain and this season was no exception
5. Bowser (favorite) - a quarter of the cast reached the top tier of my rankings and one of them was a pre-merge boot. yep. anyway I honestly wasn't a big fan of Bowser in his first season, probably because of Enter who I absolutely couldn't stand. without him though? he's wonderful. I was fine when he left because he needed to so Junior could get more development but he brought nothing but amazing entertainment in the five episodes he was in
4. Damon (favorite) - YES, DAMON IS A WONDERFUL CHARACTER! HIS WONDERFUL SPIRIT AND SENSE OF HONOR ALWAYS BRINGS GREAT JOY TO MY HEART! *insert other line that sounds vaguely like Damon here*
3. Bowser Jr. (favorite) - again, one of my favorite Mario characters. on Survivor. as soon as he got announced I knew he'd be in my top tier as long as he went far and I was not wrong. he's a brat but he's a hilarious brat
2. and 1. Tialayla and Riley (favorites) - yeah since they're my top two I'll just write for both here. Tialayla is a badass who gave plenty of good quotes and wasn't afraid to stir the pot when she needed to, while Riley is an adorable and fun little weakling with a hilarious dark side. they're easily my two favorites even by themselves but their unlikely yet excellent relationship didn't hurt! I know they were the last pair you cast and I'm extremely glad they made the cut

again great season SWSU, I picked a good one for my second live reading (I read SFC15 while it happened but never commented) and first time to actually comment. I'll be waiting patiently for the next one, and excited for what location awaits us next time! will I end up submitting an applicant for it? no idea whatsoever!

we all knew how those three would vote so... rooting for Vinnie but I'm certain it's Doris, either way looking forward to the final comic of a great season!
Doris did decently, and given the game he played Vinnie did too honestly. Sierra...third place is still pretty impressive! also Angelo's part was hilarious

final voting thoughts:

Riley: probably Doris, I think he respects her the most
Brandi: after that she's a lock for Doris
Tialayla: I actually kind of think she could vote for either Vinnie or Doris
Bradley: Doris, obviously
Damon: not sure if Vinnie's speech was enough to convince Damon to vote for him. if it wasn't then he votes for Doris
Thorne: Sierra, obviously
Bowser Jr.: Vinnie, obviously
Angelo: will most likely vote for who he thinks played the most strategically, which would be Vinnie

I honestly don't think it's completely impossible for Vinnie to pull off a miracle here but overall I'm still pretty sure Doris has it. either way I think it's going to be 4-3-1
eh I'm pretty sure Sierra's still finishing third, I don't think that move actually got Sierra any extra votes since Doris ended up staying + the final vote being between a newbie and the not Bonnie three-timer honestly just makes sense

rooting for Vinnie, but Doris is winning regardless lol. not going to be here for opening remarks so I'll just say here I'm predicting 4-3-1 in her favor because close votes, will reconsider after questions
damn it, Sierra. so I guess Doris wins after all...oh well, she'll be a good winner. not a great winner imo, but a good winner. I think it's going to be deceptively close between her and Vinnie though. 99% sure she'll win but I think he'll get a few votes too. as for Sierra...hey, congrats on making it this far!

as for Junior SWSU put one of my favorite Mario characters on Survivor and that pretty much covers it. was hoping he'd make it all the way, but oh well
sorry but I'm not buying it. I will understand if Doris does end up winning, but to me she just seemed like the one who gets so close but falls just short rather than having the winner's edit. could certainly be wrong but I think Sierra's going to let the deer down one last time
VINNIE won a challenge? A surprise, but I'm honestly happy he won and not Doris. Glad he finally got to Day 39. Also if Doris is our winner, fighting to cause and win a tiebreaker against Bowser Jr. in the end will be a more exciting and satisfying end to the game than "Doris won Immunity Doris won Survivor lol" would have been.

That being said, I genuinely find Bowser Jr. and Vinnie more entertaining overall and want them together at the end, so while I do like her I hope the deer leaves anyway. I think that's the most likely result, but she still has a shot with Sierra around.
Aww...oh well, his winning was always really unlikely. Was hoping something crazy would happen to keep him in the game, but I was still expecting this. But yeah, Riley <3 He was adorable and entertaining and so much of his backstory was just hilariously ridiculous, and in my opinion all of Kopeii's appearances were fantastic; his appearances being few and far between kept him from getting annoying. Farewell, you...two? The cat and dog didn't take home the million, but they were both a lot of fun and definitely my favorite two players this season.

With that, I'm now rooting for Junior, so...I'm actually hoping Doris loses final immunity lol
I'm definitely leaning towards Riley going, but with Kopeii doing whatever the hell this honestly isn't set in stone
well, can't say I'm too surprised here

unfortunately, it seems like it's time for me to say goodbye to Riley. he's easily my favorite left but with this AND Kopeii showing up tonight he'll need an absolute miracle to survive
ok even I'm starting to get tired of her
I thought Thorne was a pretty ok character. not amazing, but she had potential despite being pre-jury in 14 and I thought she worked well here. some fun lines, some nice moments, and I thought her dynamic with her sister worked well. that said I'm fine with her Survivor career ending here

finale time hooray! I'll celebrate by sharing my written at 11 pm thoughts on everyone's chances of winning:

Bowser Jr.: some have questioned how good his #bigmoves really were - including myself admittedly - but they've actually worked out pretty well for him, and surprisingly enough he has less enemies on the jury than the likes of Sierra or Vinnie. I think he has a pretty good chance of winning if he makes the end unless he's up there with...

Doris: if she makes the end she's almost definitely winning. she's quite well liked and has played the most well-rounded game, and with the idol still in her pocket she's guaranteed to make final 4. however I think she pretty much needs to win the final immunity challenge to be sitting there at the end, and I'm not sure she'll be able to do that

Vinnie: arguably has played the most strategic game but has also made the most enemies. I doubt the majority will want to give him the million but it's not impossible for him to get enough because of his strategic skill

Riley: pretty much the exact opposite of Vinnie lol. he might be the most likable guy there, but let's be honest, he's definitely the worst gameplayer left. however if he's up against, say, Vinnie and Sierra in the FTC I actually could see him winning simply because people would like him the most and just wouldn't want to reward the other two. not really related to his chances but f5 tribal should be the final appearance of were-Riley so with T and Damon both gone that will be something

Sierra: yeah she's not winning. some people are clearly annoyed with her wishy-washiness (Tialayla, anyone?) and with the exception of the Damon vote (which was still more of a Junior move) she's really just kind of followed her sister around since the merge. obviously getting Thorne's vote but I doubt she'd get any more

all things considered it's most likely Junior or Doris winning, but I'm actually going to predict that Doris doesn't make it to the end and that Junior wins it all. Vinnie and Riley are unlikely winners but I don't think they're completely out of the realm of possibility. if Sierra manages to win I'll be shocked

that all said I'm rooting for Riley to somehow pull it out, but I'll be satisfied with anyone winning except Sierra (I don't hate her like 90% of the SFC fanbase, but...). looking forward to watching the endgame play out!

edit: separated the thoughts to make them actually readable
@SWSU-Master: yeah, plus there's plenty of characters that have only played once that could use a second shot so it's really best to limit the amount of people who threepeat. still, she's one of two returnees this season that I think would be cool to see as a three-timer if the right opportunity ever shows up (the other is Damon btw)
so close to them being the final couple...though I'll almost certainly be writing final thoughts on Thorne tomorrow anyway lol

I can honestly say that Riley and Tialayla are almost certainly going to finish as my top two of this season, and I'm really not sure who is going to be number one yet because they're both stars. talking about just Tia for now, she was already a pretty great underdog her first time and I was looking forward to seeing her again, and really she delivered in many ways for me. her dynamic with Riley was well done, she had multiple funny and great lines, she wasn't afraid to stir stuff up when she needed to, she was a fierce competitor...she's just a really great character in my opinion. I'm really glad we got to see more of her, and while I don't think she'll be back again I would not at all mind seeing a threepeat! I hope that all made sense lol
really was hoping to see Tia and Riley be the last couple standing (even if only for like an hour lol) but I guess Tia's going first. I still feel like Thorne will head out immediately after, but yeah

bye Thorne for real this time? I feel like we're going to see the last couples split up now
I feel like normal Riley during card games would be more dangerous than werewolf Riley at any time