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I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT. Welcome back to the game, Vinnie, you magnificent bastard. I've missed you.

I liked Eli in both of his attempts, personally, I thought he was a really fun character. This was a good time for him to leave, though, and I think this was the best way to get rid of him.

also Lake is so fucked lol

Booted rankings:

1. Bowser
2. Eli
3. Scott
4. Cassidy
5. Iyzebel
6. Cydia
7. Bonnie
8. Rosella
@dat4yc: Agreed. I think a low-key surprise exit is the perfect way for a player like Eli to leave, actually.
Uh wow, ok, maybe it was too obvious to be Lake after all...or maybe not because it sure as hell isn't Vinnie. Between the looks on his face, his wording throughout the comic...and of course the fact that there's an idol in his pocket. I really don't think Vinnie of all people is actually giving up, and he will most likely cast the only vote to actually count tonight.

99% sure it's between Eli and Lake at this point. Lake for obvious reasons, and Eli because he's a huge threat. It could definitely go either way, but based on their interaction here...I think we looking at a surprise Eli boot. I want to be wrong and that it's Lake though...either way, tomorrow's going to be a very, very interesting Tribal Council.

EDIT: Also just because here's what I consider to be hints at the likely outcome of Eli being idol'd out of the game.

"I'm not playing the game like this anymore." - Hmm, by "like this" perhaps he's not quitting, but is instead implying that he's done moping around about his daughter and is about to come out swinging?
"I'm done playing like this. It's not working, and it's not worth it." - Exact same thing as the above.
"I want them to try and vote me out." - lol trying
His entire second confessional - Nothing but talking about how dangerous of a player Eli is. This is actually a GIGANTIC red flag in favor of Eli's departure.
"You'd do well with me out of the game." - EXACTLY what Slicer said.
"After tonight. You're not with Lake are you?" - This is more minor but this and the rest of the conversation seems like he's making sure he has an ally against Lake, who isn't going tonight but probably will return to being a target in the next vote or two.
"Damon is someone who is that weird mix of OTT and UTR2, but now he's suddenly important." - This is from a couple of pages back but in retrospect it might actually be a really important hint. I had originally disregarded this quote because a Damon boot made absolutely no sense...but Eli kind of fits his own statement?
Also there's no hint for this but why would he do this to idol out Lake when that likely would have been an easy unanimous vote?
EDIT2: A few more because I have no real life!
"I was...I was not getting Vinnie boot flags at ALL this episode." - Probably because it's not his boot episode!
"[T]here are more important things in this world than Survivor, and I know that. And I want you to remember that tonight." - Already pointed out by others. Probably his way of saying move on.
"I guess the showdown will wait until next round, since... Vinnie's the one in control of the edit this episode." - This might actually be the biggest hint and I don't know why I didn't mention it before. Vinnie IS in control of the edit now, and is probably messing with it to catch the guy with edit powers off guard and eliminate him at what might be the only real opportunity.

There might be more but I've covered the main ones. Very confident now that Eli is about to get blindsided (along with multiple readers, apparently). Now I'll probably be proven wrong and look a nerd who reads way too much into everything!
What a surprise! The Mario challenges are pretty cool, though.

Unless he can pull off a miracle tomorrow, Lake is dead. Possibly literally. Hard to know for sure with Vinnie.
and this has been our presentation of "How Not To Play Survivor", by Lewis Lake

A small part of me wonders if this is getting a bit too obvious but not everyone's going to be a surprise boot anyway and at this point I'm really having a hard time seeing how Lake can possibly survive this episode.
Don't really have a lot to say today. This tribe is fine enough but I generally prefer Kinopio. Sarasa is almost certainly winning immunity this episode though.
Okay yeah, pretty sure Lake's story is coming to an end this episode. I really hope that's the case too. I love literally everyone else on this tribe, and he's probably my least favorite still in the game anyway.
you're probably not going to get along with her very well, Angelo
Poor, poor Brandi. Hey, at least you're not going next!

Don't really have a read on the new Sarasa right now. As for Kinopio, I said yesterday Lake's position would probably improve...scratch that! Looking at his new tribe just makes me feel like he just started the beginning of the end for his game. Great job! Time to wait to see how the new dynamics truly end up.
So how many hours did that RPS match last?

Lake doesn't have the best social game, does he? His position's definitely about to get better, but I don't think he'll last too much longer.

I really, really hope Vinnie gets better before he just quits. He's one of my favorites.
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No surprises, but still satisfying all the same. This was probably the version of Bonnie I liked the most. Partly because she didn't really start to become insufferable until towards the end, partly because she left early this time instead of wearing out her welcome. Still glad she's out.

Ranking the fallen:

1. Bowser
2. Scott
3. Cassidy
4. Iyzebel
5. Clydia
6. Bonnie
7. Rosella

May or may not do reasons on the first six, probably not because effort. But the only one eliminated thus far that I really liked was Bowser, anyway.
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Yeeeep, Bonnie's done. If it goes any other way, I'll be stunned. And somewhat disappointed.