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this doesn't seem like the boot episode for either of these people

plus both sides trying to convince the other to avoid going to rocks l o l. I don't think Sierra is flipping so it's most likely just going to result in them ACTUALLY going to rocks. Sierra could then pull the purple rock but idk I'm not 100% sure
huh, thought it might be Throne tonight. I personally like her alright though so I'm fine with her sticking around another episode

not sure who's leaving at this point
the end of Sierra's first confessional is certainly something

wasn't sure this would work, but perhaps Sierra isn't too committed to team Thorne after all
honestly since the merge I've been thinking that the remaining pairs might just be split one by one until there are only seven single players left, and I feel the three veterans are the most likely to get booted first from their pair

I'm not rooting for either side really, I like most of the people left and the two left I don't particularly care about are on opposite sides right now, so
remember kids, this is the guy that turns into a monster every full moon

Vinnie talking to Brandi never had any chance of working whatsoever but he probably has some more tricks up his sleeve
this Poltergeist 9263.17 challenge was great

taking Sierra on the reward is a decision
one of these two is going home soon-ish but I hope they become the last pair standing first
Brandi's done a pretty good job catching on to things this season

Riley will never win and is basically a pet when he's not evil, but at least he's adorable
I can't quite say I hate Sierra. she's my least favorite character left and would prefer that she go sooner rather than later, but she just swaps between boring and MILDLY irritating to me. not a great character, but not quite at the hate level for me, at least not yet
yeah remember when I said Junior was my winner pick? I'm definitely sticking with that right now. well played, young lad.

I honestly was leaning towards Damon going but I'm glad Junior made the smarter choice. I can't quite say I HATED Angelo like a lot of people did, but he was one of my least favorites left and he just wasn't quite as charming as his red clothed friend, so I'm completely fine with seeing him go. Congrats on making jury, though!

also bumping Iyzebel up a couple of spots on my booted people ranks, looking back I should have had her above the two below her to begin with...not that it matters a whole lot the only two boots I truly cared about so far are above her anyway lol

Sierra was being too wishy-washy to be trustworthy, plus Tialayla exposing her removed the target from her own back for this vote for the reasons stated. I think T made a good move tbh

also, MYSTERIES! IIRC the only person of the other group to know of the idol was Thorne so I'm fairly sure that's her message. Take that as you will.

edit: ok lol nevermind I completely missed Junior in the corner somehow. we're losing one of the Borderland bros. tonight.
lol Junior

amazing work, Sierra

not the people I was expecting to win immunity! I really don't know who's going home next right now
I've been waiting patiently for this scene all episode and I have not been disappointed
Tia's probably winning immunity now lol

and yeah Sierra's not that great
I really don't think Tialayla is out for a couple more episodes at least, starting to feel like one of these people might be claiming jury seat #1 after all (Angelo? Please?)
1UP is a fitting tribe name but idk it's not that catchy as one to me

poor, poor Riley

throwing my late two cents into the winner predictions ballot, my current winner pick is Junior with Doris as my second choice. I actually really don't think a veteran is winning, the only one I see as a possibility right now is Brandi and I feel she's going to go far but fall a little short
Waluigi doesn't need to appear in the comic to cause greatness
Waluigi in this comic entertained me more than some of these people have all season
@Tailslover13: laughed when I saw the winner honestly

being last pre-juror was a disappointment but I share my result in a way with Woo and Michaela so there's that I guess??? idk
actually really excited to see what happens when Damon meets Riley's other half

everyone on this tribe is great honestly