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ok even I'm starting to get tired of her
I thought Thorne was a pretty ok character. not amazing, but she had potential despite being pre-jury in 14 and I thought she worked well here. some fun lines, some nice moments, and I thought her dynamic with her sister worked well. that said I'm fine with her Survivor career ending here

finale time hooray! I'll celebrate by sharing my written at 11 pm thoughts on everyone's chances of winning:

Bowser Jr.: some have questioned how good his #bigmoves really were - including myself admittedly - but they've actually worked out pretty well for him, and surprisingly enough he has less enemies on the jury than the likes of Sierra or Vinnie. I think he has a pretty good chance of winning if he makes the end unless he's up there with...

Doris: if she makes the end she's almost definitely winning. she's quite well liked and has played the most well-rounded game, and with the idol still in her pocket she's guaranteed to make final 4. however I think she pretty much needs to win the final immunity challenge to be sitting there at the end, and I'm not sure she'll be able to do that

Vinnie: arguably has played the most strategic game but has also made the most enemies. I doubt the majority will want to give him the million but it's not impossible for him to get enough because of his strategic skill

Riley: pretty much the exact opposite of Vinnie lol. he might be the most likable guy there, but let's be honest, he's definitely the worst gameplayer left. however if he's up against, say, Vinnie and Sierra in the FTC I actually could see him winning simply because people would like him the most and just wouldn't want to reward the other two. not really related to his chances but f5 tribal should be the final appearance of were-Riley so with T and Damon both gone that will be something

Sierra: yeah she's not winning. some people are clearly annoyed with her wishy-washiness (Tialayla, anyone?) and with the exception of the Damon vote (which was still more of a Junior move) she's really just kind of followed her sister around since the merge. obviously getting Thorne's vote but I doubt she'd get any more

all things considered it's most likely Junior or Doris winning, but I'm actually going to predict that Doris doesn't make it to the end and that Junior wins it all. Vinnie and Riley are unlikely winners but I don't think they're completely out of the realm of possibility. if Sierra manages to win I'll be shocked

that all said I'm rooting for Riley to somehow pull it out, but I'll be satisfied with anyone winning except Sierra (I don't hate her like 90% of the SFC fanbase, but...). looking forward to watching the endgame play out!

edit: separated the thoughts to make them actually readable
@SWSU-Master: yeah, plus there's plenty of characters that have only played once that could use a second shot so it's really best to limit the amount of people who threepeat. still, she's one of two returnees this season that I think would be cool to see as a three-timer if the right opportunity ever shows up (the other is Damon btw)
so close to them being the final couple...though I'll almost certainly be writing final thoughts on Thorne tomorrow anyway lol

I can honestly say that Riley and Tialayla are almost certainly going to finish as my top two of this season, and I'm really not sure who is going to be number one yet because they're both stars. talking about just Tia for now, she was already a pretty great underdog her first time and I was looking forward to seeing her again, and really she delivered in many ways for me. her dynamic with Riley was well done, she had multiple funny and great lines, she wasn't afraid to stir stuff up when she needed to, she was a fierce competitor...she's just a really great character in my opinion. I'm really glad we got to see more of her, and while I don't think she'll be back again I would not at all mind seeing a threepeat! I hope that all made sense lol
really was hoping to see Tia and Riley be the last couple standing (even if only for like an hour lol) but I guess Tia's going first. I still feel like Thorne will head out immediately after, but yeah

bye Thorne for real this time? I feel like we're going to see the last couples split up now
I feel like normal Riley during card games would be more dangerous than werewolf Riley at any time
I don't dislike Sierra or anything but yeah she kind of had this one coming. hell, Thorne isn't even on board with this plan yet either
Doris and Vinnie working together...that's a thing that's happening

Thorne's probably going next
well then. guess she isn't going next after all.
I'm honestly starting to think that Sierra might be the next one to go

and yeah Junior and Vinnie's moment was nice
I liked Damon better in 13, and I think this is a good time for him to go, but he's still a great character with a lot of energy and charm! very glad you gave him another shot and equally happy that he made it far in both of his attempts.

Damon is high on my rankings but I'll just wait until the season ends and post the final list then
...the sisters don't appear to be immediate targets? that's more than a little surprising

then again, "someone else"...Junior's not going anywhere, and I don't think we're losing the cat or dog either, but from the other four...I'm not really sure anymore, to be honest
I thought it was obvious Doris would win lol

bye Thorne
this is almost certainly Thorne's boot episode, but at least Sierra gets one last nice moment with her, even though Thorne had to get wasted first
so is she gonna vote with them?
nice work, Riley. really nice

echoing that the Peanuts metaphor is pretty much perfectly fitting
well that gives Tia some time to do things

pretty sure one of these two is going next
I personally like Thorne and I still wasn't aware that she was capable of understanding emotion
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honestly kind hoping for a surprise Doris boot near the endgame, I do like her but I'd be more satisfied with most of the other people left in the game winning instead. that being said, it's looking more and more like she is our winner, which I'm ok with

she's not (and shouldn't be) going next anyway, the other alliance is doomed to fracture now that Brad's finally gone. yet another pair is most likely getting split next, money's on Thorne/Sierra

also Kopeii is pure gold every time he shows up