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llednarb KAF
My only comic being updated right now is Wanna Hear A Joke. I am coming up with ideas for my other comic at the moment, and I want to be able to add at least 5 pages to start with, so i'll update soon. I live on the planet earth and enjoy watching sunsets and long walks on the beach, or at least i would if i did those things...

I don't want to see her die, but it'd still be an awesome ending to the comic.
Hannah is amazing. <3333
aww... he can't kill her. he just can't don't do it kai!!! DX
nicely drawn! i am a bit curious why they are both nekkid tho... =O
lol. "TACO BELL!" "applebees it is!"
Don't make any comments about Juli's hair. I know that it changed, i didn't like how it looked before, so i changed it.
whoot! first comment!
lol KAI????
i love their eyes in the fourth panel
NOO!!!! adrian! scary plot twist...
whoot! first comment. lol

I love how she looks in the second to last pannel!!
i'm a bit confused... i need the next pages to help me!!! i <3 black meowth!
GASP!!! the mom made the dad leave?!? NOOOOOO!!!! such drama... must.. know... what... happens... AHH!!
Well I for one am just glad for an update. I love black meowth!!
first comment =D!! very nice page, I love the first pannel, lol.
Noo!!! Go with Kai!! *mutters* damn the hot band members...
Ooh! so exciting! can't wait to see what happens. i like how Darius looks in the second to last panel.
Haha, for a second I thought that was the drummer.
That would be hilarious! i can just see darius wearing a BFF band
i love it!!! i would totally be one of the fangirls =P
hmmm... sounds interesting... the dad is total hotness XD
I love the first panel!
Good job!!