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I'm a wannabe writer who has had uploaded one of his stories to Fur Affinity, Deviant Art and So Furry. I enjoy most things that can be done outdoors. I love my cat (was cats until one died last September) and felines in general. I work as a Quality Control inspector for an auto importer. I really don't know what else to put here because I'm loathe to talk about myself.
@Guest: Ain't he though? LOL.
@calambmity: Which would explain why government officials are never seen there.
Is that a Monty Python reference?
11 Minutes Later?
Gar, you, sir, are a stud. LOL.
You use YOUR form of incentive and Neko will use his.
You know cats TOO well. LOL.
Ooookay. TMI.
Oh, My
@Enochia: I thought those were little buttons. Oops. LOL.
This reminds me of the video I saw some time back of the cat pulling itself around under the chairs around a table. LOL.
This is the reason I don't put up a Christmas tree. LOL.
I LIKE babies, especially if they're about 25 y.o., blonde, blue-eyed. . . Oh, wait a minute, you're not talking about. . . Never mind.
@sailoryue: The scene, silly. Can't you read? LOL.
Of Course
She's a female. Of course, she just annexed all Neko's stuff. LOL.
@Enochia: I'm not a Simpsons fan. In fact, I've seen a grand total of MAYBE 15 seconds of that since it began. So, naturally, I don't get the reference.
@Penwoopydo: Yep. They're called Blue-footed Boobys.
And the bad thing? Keno never lied about what he intended to do. LOL.
Obviously, he bit fleas where he shouldn't have been biting. BTW, I love the fluffed out fur. ROFLMAO.