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I'm a wannabe writer who has had uploaded one of his stories to Fur Affinity, Deviant Art and So Furry. I enjoy most things that can be done outdoors. I love my cat (was cats until one died last September) and felines in general. I work as a Quality Control inspector for an auto importer. I really don't know what else to put here because I'm loathe to talk about myself.
This has to be the cutest funny page I've seen here yet. I love the "argument" between Demitia and Edrin is classic.
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I was going to comment about oil in the mouth but I wasn't sure if it had happened until I saw this page. Now, I can say, used oil in the mouth is only slightly worse tasting than unused oil in the mouth. Yee-uck!
Butter's Feet
I believe this is the first time I've seen Butter's feet. I didn't realize she had such HUGE claws on her toes. It's a wonder her blankets aren't ripped to shreds every time she sleeps. WHOA!
@Daaberlicious: Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING seems to get her down. LOL.
The more I see of her, the more I love Mia. She's definitely an interesting character.
Speaking of puns . . .
Last panel: No sense wasting a perfectly good mad on. Is there?
@Daaberlicious: Of course, Sam is also a girl's name being short for Samantha.
Now, now
Now, now, little one. You're asking questions too big for you to be asking. Some things we have to accept on faith.
Thanks for clearing up the pouch thing. I was curious as to why a male marsupial would have a pouch. I had forgotten that you had called them pseudo-marsupials.
Now I'm wondering what condition it is that Nick wants to "examine" on Laska and why that condition would need to be repaired.
@Lazloz: Could be for air flow since the helmet also has those stars near Laska's nose.
So, are you saying you had a bad day?
Interesting Concept
@Daaberlicious: How do I find this Galactic Councilship. I'd love to live under a government where the representatives of the people didn't think they knew more than the people they ruled. LOL.
@Guest: Ain't he though? LOL.
@calambmity: Which would explain why government officials are never seen there.
Is that a Monty Python reference?
11 Minutes Later?
Gar, you, sir, are a stud. LOL.
You use YOUR form of incentive and Neko will use his.