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I like to draw, and always having a comic running and/or in the works is my goal :'D

I have been drawing for only 'bout three years, and I'm still learning how to comic. I also love to write, even if I'm not that good at it. Basically, making stories is mah thing. Thanks for stoppin bye :>D
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Double Update today! Come by later~
@ShiyaFox: Dude same
Yep. Got this page done late last night so I waited to post it now.

Sorry, thanks for your patience.
Explanation :
Okay so this is last night’s update because all the internet was out so I couldn’t post it. I didn’t update on Wednesday because I was gone all day doin stuff. I’ll have Friday’s update up tonight so watch out for that!

I’ll try to make up the updates I didn’t do this week over the weekend. Happy Friday the 13th!
Here's to make up for not updating yesterday. I'll try to have another page up tonight!
Sorry this is like an hour late, I was drawing it half asleep

But who is that??
Just as a reminder I'll be posting October updates like these around 8pm mountain time everyday if I can and maybe some extras on the weekend. (For now anyway)
Here we go...
More Information:
I will be making a lot of pages for this special everyday since Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday. Part 14 for regular BP will resume in November when the special ends. I am going to pour sweat and tears into this since I have a lot to do in so little time. Hope you enjoy it!

The plot is that the trio running into trouble on Halloween night

(I have never done anything like this before, excuse future mistakes)

Watch the trailer for it here! =>
I posted two pages today, be sure not to miss page 123!
Next post will be an announcement page about the exciting upcoming event, be on the watch for it! (it's why I posted two pages right now to wrap up part 13!)
Enjoy the two pages, thanks for reading :)
Another page coming with half an explanation!
Yay Wednesday updates please
@ShiyaFox: The most angry face she can muster ;) (it was fun to draw thank you)
After getting a solid time each day to work on bp, a page will come out about every three to four days. Maybe more I’m really not sure.

And for the 50th time, please bear with me as I adjust. Adjusting after Summer break always takes me a good couple weeks!
Welcome to part 13! I have some pretty interesting things planned... Enjoy~!
End of part 12 '0'
@ShiyaFox: Hey yeah man, those were the noob days... I'm so glad you've been here to read since the beginning and have enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and commenting, really it means a lot. c:
Page 100!! Never imagined I'd make so many pages for this silly comic :0
Thanks a bunch to anyone who has read this far, it means the world :DD
Hope you'll enjoy what I have in store for this part!
And that's the end of part 11, already! (these parts are seriously too short)

See you next week for part 12!