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Double update today, check back later!
Double updates this weekend!
@Skycicle: Thank you so much! Can't say dedicating so much time to this comic has been easy, but it sure pays off~!
@ShiyaFox: Yeah, I guess she does, doesn't she?
This concludes part 15! BP will end with part 16 so get ready ya’ll!

I’ll post the cover page either later today or tomorrow :)
. . . :)

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so long between updates, I’m totally exhausted this week. I’m really trying to wrap this up though, so I’ll try to do daily updates like I did in October. Thanks so much for sticking around - we’re almost there!
@ShiyaFox: Yas girl get it
Hey so I finally sketched the rest of part 15! There are 8 pages left, so I aim to finish this part mid-March. Part 16 won’t be as long so I’ll hopefully finish before the anniversary! (April 19th)

Stay tuned . . . :)
Heya! I have been sick and flooded with school work lately, that's why the page is late. Sorry about that, updates will go back to normal or maybe even speed up. I set a due date for myself, so hopefully I can boost my pages per week.
Thanks for reading and stay tuned~!
Double update today!
Make sure you didn't miss the previous page :)
Oh no Boofa! Is this the end?!

(( I'll try my best to get a double update out tomorrow! ))
Sorry this was late! Last week was really busy and I was super tired. This week will be a lot more normal and I plan to get four or more pages up. Maybe even a little drawing for Valentine's Day?
Thanks for still reading, you're the best!
Sorry for the delay on this one! Crazy assignments for school came up. I’ll try to do back to back updates over the next few days :)
Ὃᾗἔ ḋὄᾧᾗ, ҭᾧὄ ҭὄ ʛὄ : )
Last page of Part 14! I won't be taking a break in between so get ready for Part 15 :))
*I changed my update schedule from random to every 2-3 days*

. . .2 parts left. . .

Enjoy . . . >:D
Merry Christmas everyone! This will be the last page before Christmas so I'll just say that now.

I'm going on a road trip soon though so I'll have lots of time to work on pages

~GP :))
Hello everyone! I'm back to the regular comic finally. I have a lot in store for the end, and it's going to go from this part to part 16. Updates will be random because things in school are a little hectic since it's almost the end of first semester. However I'll have lots of time to work on this during winter break c:
Thank you all so much for reading, this is the last page of the special. news post about what I'm going to do next soon~
Double Update today! Come by later~