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I enjoy beach and long walks on the naps
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Hello, yes, I am. I’m sorry I haven’t posted well over three months :(. I’ve been busy with school. I am a pre-med student, and my classes this quarter were very demanding. But it’s almost over!! Once this quarter is over, I’ll get back to posting. Thanks for checking in :)
@Grace: Hey! Sorry for the late reply. And Omg I am so honored that you want to cosplay as Pura!! You don't have to worry about his height or weight, you can cosplay him regardless of what you look like :) But just for the sake knowing, Pura is 5'7".
@candybear012: Thank you! :)
@eishiya: Pink is his life lol He's gotta stay committed
Sorry for the delays : ' )

I changed the cover since I wasn't feeling the old cover before ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Hope you guys like it !
Hey! Don’t worry, updates will come! My spring break starts this Friday so I’ll be updating plenty for the next few days. :) I know haven’t been staying up to date with my shedule (bad me) cause of finals exams being this week. I have so much to prepare for 😭. But I will resume! I’m also planning to make some changes to the comic cover, so that’s something I’ll also be working on aswell. I’m sorry for the long wait but I do appreciate your patience!
Sorry for the wait! : ' )
Yes!! I’m sorry for the incredible lag, I had so many exams and lab practicals these past few weeks :( Expect an update this Friday and a couple more this weekend! :)
@eishiya: Honestly, I was thinking the same thing about the font as well. When I first picked it out, I thought it looked a bit heavy, but now I feel like doesn't match my art style at all like you said. I was planning on changing the font on the next chapter because I thought it would make the comic look weird if I were to change the font midway in the chapter. Do you have any fonts that you would recommend? Much appreciated :)
@WingFreak: Thank you for the feedback! I might then switch back to using capital letters for the majority party of the comic. I think using lower case letter is good idea for emphasis. I'll definitely try it more on my upcoming pages. lol his blank eyes didn't look as creepy before I colored the line art. But once I started filling this page up with color, boop. Nightmares were born lol
Do the lower case letters make it easier to read? If so, let me know. If not, I'll change it back to capitalized letters :)
@R.O.-bot: Hold on tight to that theory! :)
@WingFreak: Happy New Year to you too! And thanks! I had fun drawing that panel lol
Oh boi...
Just a heads-up :)
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Holiday stresses and Art Block, Sorry for the long wait guys :(
@NekoSenpai: Ahh Thank you~*~!! and good luck on your exams too!! I can't wait till winter break starts omg :'(
Page two! Enjoy! :)
Hey Guys! Sorry for the late comic update :(((( I've had so many tests this past week and more this upcoming week in preparation for finals. (honestly might as well start digging my grave lol) I sincerely apologize for being off schedule, so to make up for the lacking comic page from last week, I'll be posting two pages today! Here's page one, page two is on its way. :)
City Life *~*~