Diabolical Madness
Hahaha the dialogue is gold 😂
It sounds difficult and painful
Thank you for your beautiful comic!!
Or not....turnstudying out I don't know or this thing's acting up
I think you just press the comment you want to reply to and it should come up in the typing box "reply to...."
I think you just press the persons comment and you can reply...
Thankle you for your hard work!!
Ah no worries it's a time to celebrate!
Hahahahahahahahahahahaha love it 😂
Diabolical Madness
August 19th, 2017
I just got to the end and I love everything about this! You are amazing! Thank you! I want more and know everything!! That's how good this is!!! Thank you!
Muhahaha I am binge reading and I loooooooove this and I've a long way to go!
I think you should take a break! With what you've done, you deserve one!
@Narukiel: I'm happy to share my opinion because you are awesome! Making a comic is bloody hard! So thank you!
I really like this! Thank you for your hard work!
My heart has been brutally ripped from my chest and slashed into pieces before my eyes............ creator......you're amazing
Thank you for everything! Have fun!
...the end??
I love this so so much! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!
You make an interesting point