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I'm confused on what Guts Man thought was the pun here. Also poor cut man. I was kinda annoyed with his small puns but jeez. Now this is just sad. As if this whole party here is meant to torture him. And I thought Mega Water S had it bad...
Here lies Darkman1's confidence, hopes, dreams, and dignity.
Shattered by a needle-full hot-headed cheater. Damn you Needle Man.
Hah! That was good. Either hes already hated him too or Dark4's influence is just rubbin off on him!
Classic 4 and his anger issues.
First him overreacting in the deleted scenes, and then this.
@Lionheart261: Hey, atleast it doesnt take 2 months to get a new comic, unlike summer...

Also, wouldnt detonating the crash bomb also harm bass and metal man since they are in the vicinity of the explosion?
I just realized. Cut Man calls Metal Man a ripoff, but Quick Man has the god damn boomerang and it looks like rolling cutter. And he never commented on it...
Ok. It's silly how shes attending the celebration and is standing right next to Bass and SO MANY WILY ROBOTS.
How is she not disturbed. (Aaaaand somehow smackjeves is an idiot and registered my reply as a comment.)
Darkman3 FINALLY appears.
And I'm not disappointed.
Also Crash Man still crazy and Hyper Storm H is not dead at least. (And why is Roll there? Guts Man and everyone else I understand, but Roll?)
I see you... Polarity Man.
This is hilarious.
Darkman1 wearing a bow tie, Dark 4 actually not being mad about working, even heat man and Sonic Man are here.
But who is the uh, guy to the right of heat man? I don't seem to recognize him.
He reminds me of MM Eternal's Cipher Man however.

And you can ignore this next question because it just is useless: Where in the mindhell is Dark 3?
Sorry Bass.
We've got a new multi-aimer in town.
@The TRUE real Bass: This what I'm worried about. Almost every time "The real Bass" comes you always show up. Stop it
Alright, so 2 is here, 4 is here. Where's 1 and 3?
I so badly want to assume on an adventure of sorts in space......

Ok I'll shut up about fantasies.
But seriously the lack of 1 & 3 is making me suspenseful for no reason. Clearly they are fine. Right?
@The real Bass: Are you some spammer?, because I feel in a few minutes this chat is going to have more messages from you and some other account of yours.
@MegaBoyX7: Yeah... Want was stupid.
You know... I never really thought about it but... how is Mega bleeding?
@MegaBoyX7: O-oh. Well then..