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@ScraLett723: 1. I think he resides in the house in front/ opposite to Sooch and Howie's house.
2. That is a f i n e photo of Dean, I just paused a supernatural episode to come check this website for updates and ok bye.
@WingFreak: Gun and a f*ck load of ammo but yeah, shovles are pretty neat
Tell him he is your baby and you guys can start dating and rub your lovey dovey-ness on Josh's face (Josh, I'm sure you're awesome)
@LonLonMarin: I think that is his hand is drawn behind is back to indicate he is holding the door handle.
@Kimmikala: I... love it?
IM. IN LOOOOOVE~~ uuuuuugggggghhhh the way the looked at him. I don't even know. who I am talking about but just the way they both looked at each other and gaaawwwwd
@GessHugh: ahhahahahahahha yeap thats it
Get well soon.
Me : "I now pronounce u man and husband"
Them :
Me: "you may kiss"
Them :
Me : " I said KIISSSS, hurry up KISS NOW NOWWW!!!"
I love midnight coffee ????
Sho cuttte! He's blushin. Cant wait for more
@SHINee_BigBang: I though the same thing. I love ur username btw haha. Good to come across another fannnn ?
Okay thank, I'll go check that one out
R u actaully continuing this? I'd be devastated if not. N do u have any other webtoons? I'd like to check em out
I love this webtoon (or whatever u call it, comic, manga, etc) jut sad there only a few episodes but good work. Its amazing