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@NOVFOX 13: Now I must pay more attention thanks to you.. thanks!
Don't hurt me!
Spelling error >.< "Definetly" Definitely
I'm Here guys! I found another comic.. again. hoi! It's awesome!!!!!
Temmie wants mystic waters but tennis has to pay rents...
@Mujaffa: guess you can say Avis is gonna spread the news. XP
I am going to guess that the chains will be taken off and they jump off da boat
I am going to patiently see how far this goes. looks good.
Sad to see this ending soon. But it was nice while it was around. A few more chapterss. Perhaps a happy ending? Haha
Great comic can't wait to see what is next
@Nekomata-chan: Happy Late birthday ^^'
This is like getting ready to watch a movie. The First screen... Beautiful
This is a amazing comic. Funny thing i've seen the same profile picture around the site so much that I remember dem alls. hello friends!
@Darvin: I was thinking that was intentional.
Gotta catch them criminals amiright
This comic is kul. I can't wait to see what is next.................. RIP Oshawott? I dunno.

But Hello everyone!