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Captain Oblivious
Great person.... Yep.
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Plot twist: The rock was actually a Geodude!
Incidentally what brought you to make such a good story?
I'm up to date and gotta say what everyone else says... ahem... GREAT COMIC..- but I'm not everyone else. You got a discord?
That's one nasty kick.
Stunning... Nature is stunning...
it's like...4 vs 1!

That's an even match-up!
Last panel everybody is like... "...wot"
New character owo

Welcome back!
RIP Naya. >=

That price is never gonna be paid.
Seems every end chapter page is colored. I likey :D
RIP. Brick wall will be missed.
Leave no witnesses!
*plays kecleon thief theme*
HOOPA HELP. for a price....