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Captain Oblivious
Hello! I'd rather be called "Phoenix" despite my pf name saying "Captain Oblivious"

Just a regular person on Smackjeeves. I enjoy playing League of Legends and occasionally dropping by on some Smackjeeves Discord servers. Most notably "Pokemon: Rising Shadows," and sometimes "Pokemon: Legend of Shadows."

Been here on Smackjeeves for about 2 years watching around the website and loving on some of the art. I considered making my own comic sooner or later after I get some practicing done and when I'm finished with my Pokemon DND Campaign!
( Streamin it every other Saturday!)

That's all I have to talk about traveler! Travel elsewhere, please?

Oh yeah! Enjoy life.
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The DND artwork sounds good! I’d be interested in that.
Your redbubble link is broken
Here’s something
You’re all equally amazing people
Dont save.

We shall start from the beginning if we fail.
The author never lies... Right?
Suspicious you say?
Maybe it is still a surprise party..?
"We're about to go into a random forest!"
That Celebi... Seen things that can never be unseen...
To be saved. From prison.
Finally caught up and I gotta say: The facial expressions are my favorite part of this comic! Haha, they go so well with everything.
You picked the wrong house, foo!

I'm sorry.... It just reminds me of that?
A nice guess, yes?
Sooooo my guess here is.....

He made Tess come to this very spot because he is nearby and much more powerful.......And can possess and junk?

Anyone have a fishy feline? No?

I’ll stop...
The team is gathered together... How far we’ve gotten since the beginning.. The end seems neigh.. Whatever happens, I wish you all the best!