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Captain Oblivious
Great person.... Yep.
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The author never lies... Right?
Suspicious you say?
Maybe it is still a surprise party..?
"We're about to go into a random forest!"
That Celebi... Seen things that can never be unseen...
To be saved. From prison.
Finally caught up and I gotta say: The facial expressions are my favorite part of this comic! Haha, they go so well with everything.
You picked the wrong house, foo!

I'm sorry.... It just reminds me of that?
A nice guess, yes?
Sooooo my guess here is.....

He made Tess come to this very spot because he is nearby and much more powerful.......And can possess and junk?

Anyone have a fishy feline? No?

I’ll stop...
The team is gathered together... How far we’ve gotten since the beginning.. The end seems neigh.. Whatever happens, I wish you all the best!
Many have fallen this day...

But will they get up..? We shall see soon!
Whadda nice guy!
Awwe lookitchu! Orange juice spewing all out of your mouth, yeeeew...
Plot twist: The rock was actually a Geodude!