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That is one sexy pose :)
Need next update.. Wanna see them kiss :)
Are you from Denmark.. Couldn't help notice Denmark has lower shipping cost... Awesome..
If you are then...
Din webtoon er fantastisk.. Tak for god l├Žsning..
August 10th, 2017
Oh no..
Poor you.. So awkward..
July 3rd, 2017
Story not going the way I wish it would.. *feeling sad*
What.. What... WHAAAAAT?!?!
Next page please.. :D
@KathyJDB: The Maple Effect and Periwinkle Blue are what I have also read... You can also click on the author's name and then you will see them :)
A turning point? I can't wait to see what will happen then :)
Btw.. Love your webtoons.. I just can't get enough of them :)
Arrghhh... I wanna know what it is... Is it rings.. Or is it to big a bag for that...
Is it a jacket.. You know like the one he tried on.. No the bag into small for that.... I wanna know now :D
Hell yeah.... Damn those abs
Stargate is awesome.. Got the whole thing.. And Firefly too :)
I am 163 too :)
Love the way you draw the cat.. It is realistic with the way you draw it's movements.. It is clear that you have put a lot of thought and love into it... :)
Beautiful words
one of the best
This made me cry.. In a good way... Amazing..