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I have to agree with you that this is one of my favorite chapter endings. The way she did this is hilarious
He has a point. Rudy has a right to persue whomever he wants.
In my opinion I accept this wholeheartedly. It believe it is possible for Rudy to be attracted to her and still be gay, it's falls onto Kinsey Scale 5 'predominately homosexual but incidentally heterosexual.' It's real and valid and I accept it for what it is
Why would Todd even be mad about this? If he hates Rudy for being gay wouldn't he be happy that Rudy is acting romatically towards Rain?
I'm a little annoyed about the fact that he only started being attracted to her again once he learned that she was thinking of getting bottom surgery.
Rudy's entrance killed me omg I love him
It seems like Drew has a better transceiver than Ky or Rain. Huh
I love the fact that there is a rainbow behind the Strongwell parents. Oh, the irony!
Gotta say, Rain's t-shirt and Gavin's jacket look very good on them. Is the green camisole under the black t-shirt on Rain a reference to Kaminari since she wears black and has green hair @LittleLynn84?
I went to a Catholic school for only kindergarten. I wasn't very well liked by the teacher because even then I was a little rebel and was always doing little things liking holding a pencil while I prayed or very slightly stepping out of the line to make it curved instead of straight, never one for conformity even at the age of 4-5. As far as I know I don't think we had all saints day off but it was a long time ago and I was really little at the time.
I love Holly, she seems to be very nice despite it all and I think she could be a very good ally.
Omg poor Randy. He's got to be soaking by now
Go Maria!
Todd better run if he wants to live lol
I must say Ky makes a very handsome vampire
Good lord Chase is hideous. Also you'll find it amusing that I just almost accidentally typed his name as Chasie. Imagine if that was actually his name omg
@Bell_The_Gaoman I know that your comment is like from 4 years ago but I totally agree with you. I don't understand why people can't be more accepting of others. As long as nobody is hurting anyone or being hateful I could care less what they do. I don't care if you identify as a dolphin or dye yourself green or want to surgically become part bird so you can fly. As long as it makes you happy and isn't harmful to anyone, you do you my friend. I will not judge.
We all know however that Fara could never kick Rain out. She could stay with her until her thirties and Fara still wouldn't kick her out because she loves her so much
I gotta say I'm kind of surprised that Rudy doesn't have to shave given that he's roughly 15-16 years old, so he's probably hit puberty and the fact that he has dark hair.