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Almost 17, pan, huge fan of Rain. In most fandoms.
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I love Rain's dress here
Poor Rain, what an awful thing for her to deal with, especially on Christmas of all days.
Go Aunt Fara!! That slap was awesome
Fara's gonna kick his butt!!!
I don't think it's a bad thing that Rudy likes Rain. It's on the Kinsey scale as "primarily homosexual but incidentally heterosexual"
Trans fan? The look on his face when he realized how that sounded omg
I'm the same as Chanel, short and busty. I haven't grown an inch since age 11.
I gotta say this is kind of a strange chapter cover, what with Rain holding a box of miniature versions of her friends but I think it's really cute
"It's you, Aiken you were Rain all alng." Lol, love that one
The janitor made me laugh. Forgot how funny this comic is so I'm glad I'm rereading it
That dress is so beautiful
For the record I think you did a lovely job drawing them, they are nice boobs
It's so strange to see Rain pretending to be a boy while Rudy is pretending to be a girl
Panels like the last one make me happy I'm rereading this comic. I'd forgotten how funny it can be
Drab? Never heard that before. I guess it's kind of like a twist on drag
Geekstation? omg
Huh, that was unexpected. Oh, and I can understand Rain's discomfort. Hearing about your brother's sex life is just bleh!!
Wow, that was pretty deep. I know Rudy is generally the goofy carefree one of the bunch, but he can be pretty insightful
Rudy looks adorable!