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Garbage disposal versus terrible presidents, farm equipment versus megalomaniacal mannequins,
a lamp versus your dog,
your car tire that Saturday afternoon where you were late for work versus a shiny nail, and you wondered how the heck a nail could get lodged in a tire pointy-end-in... did someone stand the nail on its head in the middle of the road?

Go ahead. Put a bunch of cacti in a pillowcase, and attempt to retrieve just one. That's all you need, just one. Cactus jonesing. The needles embloodying your hand, all sticking out like frayed fiberglass, well, that's me.

The tales should be told of the mystical working-class: Those folks that work behind the scenes of the imaginary, just to make ends meet, or perhaps to jib at humandkind's struggle for the almighty buck.

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    Chuzz Grix
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I'm making this into a t-shirt, for my own personal amusement. My roommates in their fear of capitalistic legalities, pleaded me to change something about the idea, for it might get me sued.

I told them that this is covered by the Geneva Convention.
A paragon of paneling pulchritude.
totally agreed, you have amazing perspective and line-shading mastery goin' on. The text is just slightly hard to read in the scale that you got it scanned in at.
great panel, the thinking of thinking of thinking of stuff.

lol the leprebeard is escaping in panel two! Waaaa!
yet his pipe will be soggy.

And therein lies the deepness.
lol their gay-door is awesome...
good job, pay him off.
it'd be neat if they had dialogue.
Oyer's got bones??

I alwys thot he was kinda gelatinous..
The cat now has the taste of blood.

It's now more dangerous than initially expected.
I had a copy of 'i married a strange person' but my VCR ate it.
i'm going to call it- the boy in the pic is the guy holding her at gunpoint.
lol good shot- nipples are especially hard to hit.

you get +5 on your next attack.
so, what are you gonna do with him?

Can I have him?
images from erm, (fumbles through files) 'RYL, Path Of The Emperor' by way of Planetary Games.