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William has spent a lot of his life working in restaurant kitchens and daydreaming about big monsters, so it's really no big surprise that he decided to make a story about those things. Apart from comics, he likes biking in the sunshine, glittery nailpolish, and cabbage.
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    William Lillstjärna
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Hello again! It's been a while.

Here's some bad news: I still don't have a computer. My wrist has also been acting up due to overexerting it at my day job. At this point in time, there's still no way for me to work on this comic.

Here's some great news: I'm going to comic school this autumn! There, I will have my own studio space and able to work full time on nothing but this comic! This is an amazing opportunity for me and I'm very grateful and excited.

So while this silence will keep going for a while, I am really excited for what the near future will bring. Thank you for your patience and for reading, as always.
February 4th, 2019
Hello! I hope you're all doing well! Here's what has happened since I last showed any signs of life:

- I quit my job and started a new one that gives me more money and energy! After working there for about a month, I felt stable enough to work on Bygones again, however,
- my computer broke! That's okay! All my files are safe! But I couldn't afford a new one right away, and still can't. Also,
- my partner and I just moved into a new apartment last week! We are still settling in. A lot needs to be fixed, and I'm trying to do my share of this while also working full time.

So, to sum it up, I have no computer of my own and not much time for comics - still. Bygones Be will, unfortunately, keep being on hiatus. I apologize for not updating until now. If you want to help me out a little, consider donating some money via my Ko-fi - all the money will go to my new computer fund.

I'll return stronger and more powerful than ever before! See you!
Well... dang.

I said updates would be late, but I didn't really think they would stop completely. Long story short, my work situation and mental health have steadily gotten worse and I simply can't work on this comic right now. It's unfortunate, but Bygones Be will be on a "whenever possible" update schedule from now on. This time there won't be any guest pages to fill the silence, either.

Thank you for your patience and support, as always. I love working on this comic and this really isn't an ideal situation for me. See you all later!
Just a quick headsup! I'll be very busy with work throughout August, so updates might be a little late this month. Thanks for understanding!
The fifth and final guest page is by my partner Don, who has cooked up something so in-character that it might as well be canon. Actually, I’m the author so I’m the one calling the shots, this is absolutely 100% canon now.

Don has an incredible eye for colour and is always the first person I ask for colouring advice. If there’s a certain page of Bygones Be that you think is extra good colourwise, it’s most likely thanks to their help. Go to their twitter to check out more of their amazing artwork!

Chapter three starts next week! I’ll be sticking to Friday updates for now. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed all the guest art!
See you next Friday!
Now who made this radical page? Why, the equally radical Mons!

The only thing he was willing to tell me about his comic was that it was going to be "dumb as a rock". However, we can all clearly see that it just..... rocks.

Mons is the most versatile artist I know, but his special skill is making watercolours seem effortless and fun. Find his paintings and more at his twitter!
This lovely piece is made by my oldest friend, Sebastian Eylir!

Now this one kinda hit me in the gut. There's such a nice sense of air and freedom in this drawing, it feels magical to me. I wonder what's going through Norrland's head when she looks at the windeye...

You can find more of Sebastian's art at his twitter and tumblr, but be warned that there's content not suitable for children there sometimes! Sebastian is more or less always open for commissions, so do check him out if you're in need of some quality art.
Next up, the mastermind behind the incredible comic Parallax, Falke!

Falke is one of the nicest and most hardworking people I know, and I was so happy when he agreed to draw a guest page. He captured such a cozy little moment!

You can read Parallax from the start here! And I actually recommend NOT looking at the latest page unless you're already up to date, because Some Stuff Is Happening Right Now
First out is the ink monster and bigtime Mal fan Mister Domon!

I was SO delighted by this comic, Domon's comedic timing is always superb. And just look at how amazingly cute he drew Mal and Norrland...!

By the way, Domon made the very first Bygones Be fanart ever back in 2015. It only seems fair that he'd be the first ever guest artist!

You can find more of Domon's art over at his tumblr!
@Oly-RRR: Thank you for your honest feedback, I really appreciate it! I am the first to admit that this chapter was a struggle to write, and looking back I could've done it much differently. Live and learn! Hopefully it will flow better when read all at once.
It's been a long chapter that took a very long time to finish. Thank you so much for reading and sticking with me through it all.

I'm going to take a break before chapter three starts. Bygones Be will be back in mid July - I don't want to promise a date yet, because I'll keep up my treacherous juggling between comic work and money-making work all summer. But! In the meantime, I have asked some of my very good friends for guest pages! So every Friday from June 8th until the end of the break you will be able to enjoy a fine assortment of works made by equally fine people.

See you later!
This is the end of the chapter! Come back next week for a bonus page!
@Oly-RRR: Thank you!! I'm always happy to read your comments, even if I'm bad at replying to them.
Tomorrow is Bygones Be’s first birthday! One whole year since the comic launched! It feels very unreal to me honestly… I’m so grateful for all the support so far, I hope you’ll stick around for another year <3
A big belated THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by at Stockholm International Comics Festival! I had a blast, it's so lovely to meet readers in real life!
@Seve: Thank you, I'm really happy I can update this often now!!
Are you in Stockholm this weekend? So am I! I’ll be attending the Stockholm International Comics Festival on May 5th-6th, selling printed copies of Bygones Be! If you’re able to, do come say hi!
@Oly-RRR: They sure are stickers! Norrland is the kind of kid who loves putting stickers on everything :D
It's been a long and unplanned hiatus, but we're back! And with good news!

Lately I've had some extra time off work, so I've been able to buckle down to get all of chapter two done in one big chunk. This means that Bygones Be will update every Wednesday and Friday at least until the end of the chapter!

But being able to update regularly wasn't my only reason for doing this - I've also got print copies of the first two chapters that I will be selling at the Stockholm International Comics Festival in May! If you're able to, please come say hi!

Thank you all for your patience, kind words and continued support. See you all again on Wednesday!