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dA- Jelly-Filled-Zombies
Twitter- @JellyZombies
oh boooooooy
@DeltaTheUmbreon: Aw shucks, thank you!
DN Poll winners
A little something for the favs! This was fun to do, I feel like I haven't done a proper piece in a hot while.
I hope you enjoy it too! Thanks again for voting on that poll, I hope do another sometime! <3
@Foxey: I rather you not call him that.

Lung looks the way he is and wears what he wears for self comfort.
@Foxey: They were deeper than /He/ expected!
Thanks to those who voted, I'll definitely have to do this again sometime!

Might draw something nice for the winner & runner-up eventually 🤔

Anyway, I'm off to the UK for like, two weeks, but I'll be working up a buffer of pages when I can.
You can see that progress and pages early on my Patreon ( Otherwise! I'm hoping to start posting pages again /sometime/ in May if all goes well. (If not, sometime in the Summer!) ( ᐛ )و☆

Thank you and have a wonderful Spring!
And Ghost boy
probably my last one for awhile, I'm still playing catch up tho so oops
Here's the trash boy
Jelly and Alfonso
With Jelly's new battle scars and outfit change, I figured it was time for a new ref!
I'm been just scrambling for older pages pages for colors too, feels nice to finally have a good ref again!
End page!
Annnd Part 4 is done!
Gonna have a bit of a break between the next part but I'll be uploading some character sheets till the next part!
I hope those are fun!

Also check out my friend's webcomic, Hexenhammer if you like witches, demons and dark stories in a cute skin~ ;3c

Thank you!
@DeltaTheUmbreon: kfnsl That's so sweet aa, thank you so much for reading! aaa much love!
Dude, take your time! Do to it what you think is right and such. I'll always support and follow your work! Reading a comic and watching the characters grow is nice but watching you grow with it is cool too
@Foxey: I update on Fridays, it's still Thursday for me !
@snow flake 108: I'm afraid I don't really do collabs much, sadly! Good luck on your search though!
@Mostly Mad Hatter: Gotta love those big ol' yaoi hands
(Two page Update btw)
Big mood