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Chess Pargeter
Chess Pargeter
August 20th, 2018
Happy anniversary!!! Enjoy your holiday :D
Chess Pargeter
August 6th, 2018
Awwwww I love Cort's little blush and smile ❤
Oh my god Buck!!!! D:
Aaaaaand there goes Joa's brain.
I want to rip off that jackass' nutsack and feed it to him. Stop hurting my Ken!!!!!
It's sad, but I'm really glad that Cort is opening up and sharing this part of his life/himself with Ian. It shows that they're growing and their relationship is evolving and that's great <3
Aunt Boobies, perfect name for Circe haha.
I love all of these!!! I so want that one of them dancing with Nathan looking sexy af and Eli with his leg up as my lockscreen haha. And their kid is fucking adorable holy shit <3
Hey I'm from Toronto! And I plan to go to TCAF on Sunday! I'll try to find you there :D
Noooooo my heart!!! ;-; I expected this but I'm still sad af :( Hopefully these idiots find a way back to each other!
The last panel makes my heart melt :D They just look so happy I love it.
Chess Pargeter
March 26th, 2018
Well, I see Cort's brain has completely short circuited.
Please please Brynn didn't leave without saying goodbye ;-;
I actually like the time skip cause what happened last night is left up to imagination. And imagination is always better/more intense than what we see. With this page we all know "oooooh Kimmy gave him a work out ;)" and don't really need to see it to know for sure. I've done similar things in my own writing. It's fun to leave things up to the reader's crazy imagination. I like this "Kylee's morning after regrets" page so much. The poor guy. His poor butt. It's fucking hilarious XD
*gasp* He touched the butt! But seriously they're so cute I love them.
Chess Pargeter
February 19th, 2018
Damn that was rough. But I admire Milly. She knows it's really over and she takes control of it by doing the dumping after being cheated on for so long. And I like that she doesn't let Ian off the hook or tell him that what he did to her was okay. Just cause it was a guy def doesn't make him less of an asshole. Good for you, girl. Now Ian, you go find Cortland and apologize!
Fuck Nate's mood shift breaks my heart. Like he's so happy one panel then reality hits him like a ton of bricks in the next. It hurts so much ;-;

Also have a nice trip and I hope you feel better!!!
Chess Pargeter
February 12th, 2018
1. Finally! I'm glad Ian is finally doing what's necessary. I hope he goes to Cortland after this and apologizes and promises him a real relationship.
2. Omg you're coming to Canada! I live there! :D I think a print would be really cool. I could add it to all the other prints I have haha.
"We're here to help!" *gut punches*
...getting some mixed messages here.