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Chess Pargeter
Chess Pargeter
October 28th, 2019
I'm REALLY to see if we get some backstory on Will!!
Enno was the best and worst person Nate could've met at this time lol
I smell another gay ship :)
@Seve: Omg you answered, you're the best!!! Thank you!!!!!
HOLY SHIT I EXPECTED THIS BUT I AM STILL SHOOK!!!!! This also creates so many new questions. Is he Lex's full or half sibling? Why are Robert and Adela raising him? Is he Josh and Adela's kid? Why hasn't he been told the truth?! Aaaaahhhh I'm so intrigued and I can't wait for more!!!
Operation Swift Exit: unsuccessful.
Holy hell things are getting intense. And I will be practically vibrating until next week waiting for the big reveal omfg!!!!
Congrats on starting the comic! This looks really cool. I'm really looking forward to where it goes.
I adore Cicada's need to piss them off lol
Noooooo Kylee!! I knew this would happen but it still hurts, I hope he's okay ;-;
Tbh I'm kinda worried that what happened at the end of last chapter was real and THIS is a dream Kylee is having while unconscious. I'm hoping I'm wrong. I want Kylee to be okay. Either way I'm still loving this comic and I'm on the edge of my seat.
The look on Enno's face at the romantic question KILLED ME!!!! Omg you're so good at drawing at expressions. Nate and Eli are the most adorable people in existence holy shit. And that very last panel is VERY ominous. I hope we find out what that's about soon.
I relate to Dio. I don't like anything either. Except Cicada's green hair. I like that.
Chess Pargeter
February 11th, 2019
I love that even though they've been together for awhile and are in the middle of sexy times, they still fall into their old banter because, like you said, they used to be rivals. That was their communication pattern for years. That doesn't magically disappear with dating. But dating did brung kidness and understanding as well. You've kept their relationship realistic and true while also letting it evolve and I love that. This comic is the best :D
Kiss, kiss, kiss, KISS!!!!!
Chess Pargeter
December 31st, 2018
Well, I can say that after the first chapter, I'm definitely invested in these characters and I'm looking forward to where they go :D
Damn he is saltier than the seven seas.
Oops. Awwwwwkward haha.