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A goofball that likes balloons a bit too much. Adores comedy. Occasionally draws.
I guess we can say this battle's really heating up? 🔥
I never knew D&D combat rounds were actually split into a consistent unit of time. Fascinating!
I friggin' adore the character and environment reflections on the balloons! I don't know enough artists who render that sort of thing!

Also, these are some fun character expressions.

I bet what happens next would be completely different if it was his sister asking.

I believe she's Starla Starkin. She's got the distinctive neck fluff, muzzle spots, and ears to match. -commissioned-by
Waggle's name keeps reminding me of the Waggle Pick in Hearthstone, which returns one of the users's minions to their hand to be used a second time, fresh.

Also, yay, it's the fluffy questionable lady again! Probably!

I wouldn't be too surprised if the same kind shows up later and it turns out to be this universe's Parasprites / Tribbles.
I adore this page. It's good a good mix of cute and goofy, and the warm colors are still inviting.
Wonder how they're going to explain Zander's death to Willa if they don't respawn within a page or two.
@Celestirr: Short version: Hit it with the rim of the staff, lunge-stab and pray, or focus on making the opponent pop their own. Grounding the opponent gives far more options for popping the balloons than just weapons.

Unnecessarily Verbose Version:
For the sake of the plot, I wouldn't think too hard about the actual logistics and dynamics of how it should work. It'll probably use Mario Kart style logic where hitting the opponent will break 1 balloon per hit for simplicity, barring rule of cool / rule of funny to keep things moving at a brisk pace. Or that kind of one hit => one loss could be enforced manually as just a flashy means of keeping score.

In a real-world sense though, given the balloons are not drawn to look over-inflated to the point of being intentionally easy to burst, this does mean both combatants have incentive to swing high and near the head if they want to try to get lucky and pop it by force with air resistance giving enough pushback against their attack to break the surface. It's entirely possible with real helium/hydrogen balloons, but deceptively hard because swinging at them makes them move away, and balloons by nature are resistant to crushing. The amount of break a floating balloon is probably plenty enough to concuss.

Going the route of attacking them while floating, Jane has the benefit of pointy edge guards on the blade that could still be used. It looks like the blade is wrapped in a cloth or something? So the wrapped blade probably wouldn't do more than a blunt strike while they're floating. With a staff, hitting it with the rim is the best bet to make a lucky cut in the surface. Lunging stabs may also work because of the small surface area at the contact point, but without enough force it'll just push it away like any other blunt strike.

In either case, being able to get extra pressure to the balloons by getting them to the ground or against an obstacle like the totem tower would make blunt weapon strikes or stomps more likely to actually break the balloon.

Given that, both combatants have a huge advantage to disregard the balloons as a direct target, and focus on advantage tactics instead. Disarm their opponent so that they can't defend their balloons such that a simple grab and squeeze would be easier than swinging at it. Or, trip the opponent and have them fall on their own balloon(s). Or bait the opponent into attacks that entangle the strings. Things that would ordinarily put the opponent in a great position to be slain by sword regardless.

They're also on a field with grass, trees, and rocks. All of which tend to have very small pointy bits which can usually break balloons easily.

Acids like lemon juice would also work well, but that's not really in the spirit of fighting.

Or they can just fight normally, and then after the other can't fight back, pop them all in an arbitrary and beside-the-point fashion highlighting how arbitrary the restriction is. Or pop one and reset the round like a fighting game.

Either way I adore this setup because of how many "wait what why and HOW" questions it puts into place.

(Also everyone on the page is cute.)
@Guest: Yep, and Jane is 13 according to the bio. Age isn't the focus of the jokes on this page, and if anything make the scenario even more of a goofy flight of fancy in context.

There are no kids living in my home. I think the page is cute, silly, and light-hearted, and it reminds me of when I was a teen playing my first MUDs and MMORPGs. I want it as a poster.
@Gamegod018: Yeah, I can't imagine it being quite as fun without saves.
I want this as giant glossy poster on my wall.
This looks like it's gonna be a fun one!
Short and sweet, and absolutely wonderfully cute!
Time for a re-read!
I had a sensible chuckle. Neato!
I wonder if the rat on its back gives it any stat boosts.