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Ahoy there! Cirom here!

. . . And that's about it, really. :T
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@Guest: Only Atty knows, iirc. Although... I'm not sure if there's anything stopping Atty from telling George what happened. Though I'm not entirely sure that would be the best idea.
@QuintoBean: Like Link but edgier
I just noticed the text size increased.

This is way easier to read now. Nice!
@Therater2: He is here. He's your avatar in the comments section, see?
.. I forgot Thad wore high heels.
@H0lyhandgrenade: Huh. I actually thought it was just black smoke from the electricity.
I know this all too well. I'm always far too happy to play the Support (especially LĂșcio!) but when I notice we need a tank and I'm the only support on our team.. it hurts. :c
I keep seeing Soldier 76's mouth-visor-thing as a really grumpy face and now I can't stop laughing
I find the text size to be a little small personally. Given that the font itself is a little soft, it's a bit difficult to tell between some letters at times, especially noticable in the first speech bubble of the final panel.

There's almost no gap at all in those "e"s, it's weird.
i meant name
@Guest: Pretty sure it was revealed that Atty was 14 in the first chapter, and not much time has passed since then. Not sure on George, though.
Have you tried using Windows' "Restore previous versions of this folder" feature? I recall recovering a fair few files through that. Should be in "Previous Versions" in the properties.

Although it's doubtful it WOULD be there.. it's worth a shot.
September 28th, 2015
@CapedLuigisYoshi: Obviously he should use Papyrus.

But yeah, I'm actually really liking Sneakerhead as a font. ;o
September 19th, 2015
.. Did Mega Man forget his capital letters today or something? ;o
@Luigi_96: All together now!

Waitwaitwait, so not only do we get a FOUR PAGE BONUS of Pokemon Conquest, but we ALSO get the ACTUAL PAGE next week?

Pfft, that's no April Fool - that's a christmas present! ;U
@Hero of Comedy: So was THIS WHOLE COMIC but uh
This page is just reminding me so much of Purpio and Oranguigi. I had completely forgotten about that until now ;D
Well, this is hilarious and stupid and I love it.

66th fan GET, yo.
@ThatOneSpriter: If the "Defeat Anyone" series counts, then yes. One has. (Although I can see the argument of why it doesn't count, given that the two authors are brothers which live in the same house, iirc.)