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February 8th, 2013
Still waiting
I have reread this over so many times I have lost count.

I am willing to wait.
last panel is soo true. lol. i'm liking it in color.
reply to pendantic
O.O your right. hmmm mental oops on drawing part i guess. i've done that too.
wow i can see why you edited your note.

so what is tomoyo talking about "you're seeing things."?
ratings? who needs em. just think that every fan you get is a 5 star for every page!
Woot! welcome to the west coast! hehe it like she was talking to gail when she though that.
!@$%^@%#$^#$%^&#^& !!!!!!! *whimper*
O.O next PAGE!!!!!!!! *dies*
*tear* wow that made me cry alil....wait a minute! her final misstake.....what you got planned girl.
as to number 4 and me not thinking to much at the current moment. is this "Alugard" guy a time keeper or something <<sorry wow npc ref there. i play to much>> cuz time keepers can "Erase" things so to speak.

Woot first comment!
MUWAHahahahahhahaha <Insert Naga lol here. if you don't know it go look up Naga from Slayers. for those who do....DON'T KILL ME!!!>>

1 to 10 scale
Its over 9000!!!

Had to much soda.
*instant fav* *lock eyes on fav list for update*
yupyupyup....WOW O.O it has been a year. AAnd i can't wait to see what torble those two girls will get into by next year.
*ROAR* Finally story movement!!!! i saw some plot twist coming......and that Meg wasn't human..>.>
sweet, a normal looking date like thing.
when i woke up this morning (yeah 12:35 is morning for me) i saw the update and was like O.o NEW PAGE?!?!! *Squeel!*
wow 14 and this good at drawing. and here i though my drawings suck....i'm older and now to suck even more T.T

oh well, keep it up!
O.O..........*smacks head on desk* it was getting good too....*whimpers* ever though of picking it back up?
it looks pretty now! keep drawing girl!
we just can't think of stuff to say, thats all. trust me, this comic is funny and i look forward to it everyday.

who is yogi girl anyways?
*falls out of chair laughing while rolling on the grond*