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Hi my names Han! I like drawing creepy stuff and doing comics about em
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HUZZAH morgue comes to save the day

AAAND WERE BACK....after 8,000 years....

Main site:
My art tumblr:
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Main site:
My art tumblr:
My twitter:
My Ko-FI:
@anon: ;3
I love the use of added color in this!! Also, GET REKT DANIEL
@Typo1024: awww thank you!! Im glad you're enjoying the comic, haha
And the last guest comic-from my friend Nick!! His stuff is super great, you guys should check him out!

Sorry for the lack of update recently, due to bad internet connection my internet can just up and die sometimes....but paranormal inc ch 3 will begin as scheduled, even if I haven't had the time to make a cover yet rest in peace me.......anyways!!! Hope you enjoyed the guest comics yall
Another illustration!! this time by my bud Erika! She's a good bean and I love this Penny aaaaaaa
Guest Comic/Illustration Number 2!! By my friend tori!! Check out her stuff if you haven't yet her art kills me dead its so good
I can't help but be worried for Leonard now.....but please LEONARD SAVE CHRISTINE
(Sorry about not posting yesterday, had some internet complications)

Here is guest comic 1 by my meme-y friend Rawk!!!! Their art's great you should go check em out!
AAaaaand that ends chapter two!! We're almost all caught up whEW BOYO

I actually haven't.....................done the cover for chapter three yet so while Im doing that I'll be posting one guest comic a day starting on Wed! These are old guest comics I used to have on tapastic, I'll be opening up guest comics for the end of chapter 3 soon though!

Also, I don't have any sort of patreon yet, but if you'd like to support me and this comic you can buy me a coffee here:

Thank you guys for reading!!!!~~
And that ends chapter 1! I'll start updating ch2 tomorrow!
Once Im all caught up updates will be every Friday!
and here we begin!

So I used to have this comic up on tapastic, but due to the first right of refusal mess that happened over there, I deleted the comic and am now moving it to here! I'll be posting a page daily on here till Im caught up (and making a buffer in the process)

(also these pages were drawn like three years ago the art gets better I promise)
(also Im sorry for the simple layout format, Im keeping it like this for now until I learn how to code cause I don't know jack about coding)