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At this point I just need to hear Luke's cute little snort in real life! I love it! I also feel my love for him has grown since translating the comic (I know I said this before). But the way one talks is like a windoe into thr soul personality wise and it has been wonderful to discover Luke's voice and more of his inner workings :D

Is there a reference clip of a real life giggle snort from a show or person? Lol. I neeeeeeeeeed it!
Yeeeees! I can´t help it. I have a thing for star-crossed lovers.

I also finally sat down and broke the cypher myself and you were not kidding about the juicy stuff, Misty! Oof! For the previous page too.

If Mike had known what Luke was saying the first time I think things still would have turned out the same. They were brand new just then, but now I think he´s going to go for it even if he wants to be cautious. ;D
I can't give suggestipns on pacing that you asked for, but I just wanted to commenr and tell you how much I like Three Eyes Wide so far :D Seeing pencil on paper is a treat and you do it well! As people find you and you continue surely fellow artiat will also and you can get the artiatica chats you need :) I am lookong forward to this continuing! Things like this is a bank to the soul for those of us not artiatically talented, like myself. Thank you! <3
#Same. The only way to treat a bed, hungover or sober.Wonder of anyone is on the other side of that bed? ;)
We await the signs
@Guest: We´re all just over here awaiting the signs. I for one am patiently waiting for tell-tale sign that the chapter cover scene is about to commence. *tosses down handful of animal bones and reads them anxiously* No set up for a beast back handjob, but it looks promising. In the meantime, enjoying the story!
What can you tell us about the lovely babies on the cover? Have we already met them before perhaps? I have my own hunches. Also I am enjoying the story and the new face in the last few pages. I live for your character and world design/building! <3
Its criminal how good Ulii pulls off EVERY look. And developments, developments with our lovely story <3
Dear God, the looks on both of them!
Oh hohohohohohoho!
I looked at panel four and saw that body and was like, "I forgive you." Am I basic? 😏
Hopefully Paul takes where and who Wil was with this well :) And the chapter title alludes to bad meeting the friends as Paul !mentioned earlier. Looking forward to it!
I bet he goes back there again 😏
February 19th, 2019
I must know if Sage x Luzio are cannon 😍

Also, Luzio has interesting details/markings on him (the lines/scars at his wrists, fingers, etc. May we know more about these? 😃

PS: Love the new chapter cover!
Updates are a joy and this page is pure eye candy 😍 Dialouge as well. I anticipate the journey of them getting to where we see in the beginning of the comic.
Le gasp! 😮
It's the 100th page! 8D And it's a good'n!
Let it be said, Sage is life in that last panel. Let it also be said that I am usually a quite comic fan, but sometimes the creator just needs how much love there is for what that do and this is one of those times.

I love Scifi comics, but this is so fresh and well done I don't know what to do with myself. The characters are complete and all the details are impeccable. I am looking forward to seeing the story unfold and learning more about each and every character.

Luzio x Sage fo' life.

PS: Whenever I see Luzio's ship it I geek. It just speaks to me. Needless to say, I love the comic cover XD
August 13th, 2018
Harvey nooooo!
I feel Harvey is thinking about doing something that would bring Cortland up against a manslaughter charge.

But hopefully not. Judge me lightly if I guessed wrong and missed some clues.

Love the comic either way and looking forward to the development! <3
Get out the way
I just need everyone to get out of P and E's way so I can get to my cute forehead smooching moment as seen on the cover. They're getting out of their own ways so her getting straightened out on the phone is top shelf stuff. Carry on, Kabra! <3 :D
Dynamic Duo!
I love it! We have a wonderful contrast. Looking forward to the rest of the story :3 Last panel is my faaave, lol.