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@BananaUhl: *^_^* puking fire isn't very majestic, but hey, gets the job done! :P
@BananaUhl: heh...yeah...he's just happy he's got friends, even though that means getting toasted once in a while *^_^*
The perils of trying to make a bed with a kitty around... :P
@GoldOsburn MGC: Hi! I'm so glad you're enjoying my story *^_^* I do have a Patreon account that is currently 2 pages ahead and there's extra NSFW content including a 15 page comic with Tarow and Mysaphia called "Cookie Print Princess"
Link to Nice cats/Bad dogs:
@12AbbyRainbow: I'm glad you like it *^_^* I do have my comic on Tapas and Webtoons, too, so maybe people who are here also are there. A friend recommended posting it on Smackjeeves as well since not everyone goes to the other two sites. It also has a very slow start, so that might turn people off reading it ^_^'
Fixed now! Again, thanks for the heads-up! :D
@12AbbyRainbow: Oh! that is a typo! Thank you for spotting it! I'll get it fixed ^_^'