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I am a junior Graphic designer who works for a Newspaper in South Africa.

I have always wanted to create my own universe and characters but never had any means to do so.
Making a comic is the best way of doing so considering my limited capital, manpower and 9-5 Job.

I spend most of my time working on my comic, I sacrifice nearly all my free time building onto my "magnus opus" and all I want is to share my creation with the world.

I am always looking for partners to help me on my quest for moderate fame, unfortunately, I have been a lone wolf this entire time... not out of choice though.
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Hehe, well, all of these characters are still pretty new, they haven't really been explored too much yet & it has kinda just been one continuous battle so far.

Maybe you might end up liking her more later down the line.
March 13th, 2018
IOf you look at the bottom of the 2nd chevron you will see a teeny tiny yellow tip sticking out, so yes sorry it got cut off in that scene.

I have bestowed Alice with the incredibly generic & ambiguous rank of "Commander" for now, until I can work out CROSS ranking system properly.

You forget that Sky was assigned to Alice by her father (A much higher rank) to ensure that she refrains from being needlessly reckless (Like now) So even if she was to outrank Sky, Her father's orders would precede that.

Also, I forgot to update this page, and I was going to include a scene where a few transports drop off infantry to join with the tanks, but it ruined the pacing somewhat. In short, Alice prefers to fight alongside the forces that are at more risk to boost morale.
Am I really that predictable? Expecting some last jedi deal? lolz.
February 28th, 2018
Hehe, why spare the crew?
February 22nd, 2018
@Belgische Aardappel: Well, As pointed out at the intro, CROSS made themselves a guardian like Super soldier race known as the Novus to safeguard humanity against Anthros.

You can tell the difference by their greyish/colourless skin & unnatural hair colours.
February 21st, 2018
@Belgische Aardappel: Well, I don't know on here, but on our Discord server there is a pretty staunch divide Between Pro-Humans & Pro-Anthros, with the STAR people obviously whoring themselves out to both sides XD.
February 19th, 2018
@Belgische Aardappel: Well, its not like they were sporting a particularly masculine haircut.
February 14th, 2018
Well as I said, There is a sub-faction within ORB that is somewhat extremist in nature. For instance, Yoko wouldn't do this type of thing, however Whiskers & Kitsune are both batshit crazy & fanatical enough, so obviously it reflect in the type of soldiers they have under their command.

In this instance, ORB has garrisoned itself in the City & is surrounded by Human forces, meanwhile as you saw in the other recent Pages, Yoko decided to rather abandon the campaign & head home.

So no, these are just really hardcore furries with an insatiable hatred towards humans.
February 5th, 2018
I just really really really wanted to include a flack gun segment. =D
February 1st, 2018
@Belgische Aardappel: ORB is entirely Anthro, & at the time of this comic it is split in two, you got the Fachist Pro-Predator Western side (they are staunch Elitist & see themselves as Terra's true dominant species, then you got the Commie East where it is mostly herbivore Anthros & Prey types. They wish to open relations with the human factions. However the problem being that currently the Prey (particularly the bunnies) are multiplying at alarming rate. currently the Anthro population vastly outnumbers the Human population.

STAR is for the most part a mixed bag, THey have both Humans & Anthros, & the entire faction is run by competing corporations, you have the Pro-human East coast & then the Pro-Anthro West coast, Their entire military consist of mercenaries & contractors & it is not uncommon to see two opposing corporations being on opposite sides of a foreign conflict. Their golden rule is however that no hostilities may take place on STAR soil.

SPEAR is a human built & run Republic unfortunately nearly 75% of the continents population consist of Anthros who originated from rural tribes & have now in recent decades begun mass migration into the human settlements.
January 31st, 2018
@Belgische Aardappel: ah yes, you see CROSS is a coalition of different European & middle Eastern countries, so their members & uniforms tend to be a bit diverse. Jay in this case is from New Britannia.
I feel like there is a joke somewhere I am not getting...
@Skyrocker4cats: Yea but Nintendo is Infamous for being particularly strict when it comes to fan made content. They have been known to shut down fan projects the second they get mainstream recognition.

Sorry i just find it strange, I mean you have pretty much changed so much here, by giving Pokemon the ability to talk, have human eyes & wear clothes, You could just as well have made your own IP from this Idea & not try to replicate some soulless monolithic company's work that doesn't even care about you...

You clearly have the talent & drive for it.
@Skyrocker4cats: How have you not received a cease & desist letter yet?
Am I the only person here who is freaked out by the fact Pikachu has human eyes?...
WTF did I just read?
Very trippy stuff.