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what is this, death metal?
is that squid like a robot or something?
hey man
i had to do some serious grinding on that test
the last news post
hello and goodbye loyal E.S.H. readers.

this is indeed the last E.S.H comic. sorry for the blur, bastard schoolmates rubbing the damn page down.i'm at the loss of words right now, the late updates, the no responces to the last few comics. i've yet to work on The Officebots (remember that comic?). expect to see it come out if not later this year, sometime early next year. it's been fun while it lasted and 1000 thanks goes to you readers out there.

thanks for reading all the time and vote a 5. goodbye
tights crotch stares into your soul

welcome back readers! i'm back home and i'm thinking i'm out of comics we'll see if that's true next update.

i seriously need to start drawing up those officebots comics, i've got 0 done and 0 started. infact, i have no idea how to start it. i'm off to the internet! it would help me greatly if you, the reader, post on how to start the officebots.

thanks for reading and vote a 5.
I'm terribly sorry for the late update I've been on vaction (still am).

if you're you're thinking this is the last comic you're wron, you fucker. The last comic will come when it comes, which is soon. But anyway WTF happened to the last issue 3.33, c'mon now, they didn't even leave a comment. Damn downvoters and thier prickishness, buncha' pricks.

Thanks for reading and vote a 5.
Nothing new to say.

Vote a five and thanks for reading.
Damn that co-workers Joe's got some long ass legs.

Welcome back readers to this issue of E.S.H. How've you been?

I'm not gonna start working on Officebots when E.S.H. ends. Too lazy, give me motivation. Finals are coming up so don't expect too many updates until June 1st. Then I'm going to Flordia for a few days. Hell, I might make a comi or two on the plane.

Thanks for reading and vote a 5.
Snakes on a Plane
Aww damn, check out that package and/or ass.

Most of you have probably heard of this movie starring Samuel Jackson. If you haven't though get back on to surfing the internet and then come back to vote.

Production of The Officebots has been backed up because of my laziness. My bad. But that does mean that E.S.H. will be on for a wee bit longer.

Thank you for reading and vote a 5.
It's late I know
Welcome back losers!(J/K) (Maybe not)

I hope all of your mothers had a swell Mother's Day and if they didn't I should punch you in the throat. That's her fucking day!

We are very close to the end only like 6 more comics (prolly including a filler or two). To let everyone know I have drawn the final comic and no more shall be made in production aka Algebra 1.

Thanks for reading and vote a 5.
What a twist!
Holy shit this got a five!
Transformers are awesome!
You ever watch The Sweetest Thing?
I never thought a movie about girls who put out, one of my favorite things, could be so bad. OMG!

Back on topic welcomw to E.S.H. issue whatever the fuck. In this near to last, LAST, comic you'll see that I don't change facial expression very often.
The end of E.S.H. is fucking nigh!

Thanks for reading and vote a 5
You watch that show My Super Sweet 16?
Those people are bitches.

Anyway, welcome back to E.S.H. and I hope you enjoy looking at this demo of Jordan-Fu. No really important news now, except that The Officebots production is still rockin' steady with 4 comics. A lil' more info on The Officebots:
1. It will the same character from E.S.H. and all his glory (some changes will be added)
2. There will be a story.
3. There will be more than one panel.
4. There will be an entire fucking cast of characters
5. Fucking robots man!

Hope you enjoy the comic and vote a 5.
No News
Good news.
In space noone can hear you whine.
It's so innovative!
Welcome back readers!
How was your easter?

This (like many other emophone comics) is a filler. The new comic is coming along just fine, I have all of the characters down like a clown. You'll be seeing the New Comic within the next few weeks/months. You will love it. Like a fine woman or, if you are a woman, a fine wine from Italy or some shit place that's not America.

Thank you for reading and vote a 5.