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@L: I always thought/assumed that the color scheme for Easter in the US had to do with a lot of the colors of flowers blooming in Spring (pretty much bulbs like tulips, daffodils, and crocus at least here in Washington State.)
Hey Brizzy- check the postmark! XD
I really like Perth's shirt. Really cute! I could totally see Ralph wearing it. :D
Sidney's freaked out face: priceless. XD
Poor Brizzy, trying so hard to help these ungrateful gits. :I
Is there some historical meaning for Mel to be wearing glasses, or is it just for his personified character?
@S BENZ: OMG! I have not seen Dot and the Kangaroo in about 28 years! Kinda strange though since I live in the USA. XD
Bad Sidney! Stay away from the sheep or I'll beat you with a stick! ;___; Sheeps are for snuggling. :(
Congrats Melly! *Huggles*
Boo Sid. Alright Mel, kick him in the shins! that's just one mean trick. :(
No comments?!?! Well I'll fix that! How could baby pony Mel not be acknowledged? This is so cute that Tama would want to hang it on his wall. :)
2nd pic of Sidney cracks me up. XD
Super yay for finally seeing young Perth! <3
Baby Brizzy! *u*
As a huge Dickens fan, I approve of this title. Couldn't be more appropriate. :D
Shading and coloring is much improved. They don't look so flat on the page now. 2 thumbs up! :)
Sidney sure likes to get close to Mel's face for someone he doesn't like. ;D
Mel's last comment cracks me up. Well Melly-boy, that's what you get for choosing to raise a daughter with Syd... Now kiss and make up. XD