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I go by "foervraengd" on most social media platforms, but you can also call me Mirre. I go by they/them pronouns.

Been making comics for around 10 years, mainly as a side hobby, but I've also published one graphic novel (Dinosaga) for Rabén&Sjögren publishing. Other than that I am also a faux painter and gilder, currently working in an old castle.
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Page 18 of chapter 6 is up! Seems like Rumix also needs a hug. : c
Page 17 is up! This is Ben, he belongs to my AWESOME buddy Abakkus (helloabakkus on twitter) and I felt like giving him a little cameo in this scene. Also I just wanted to dress my friends' OCs in raver clothes.
page 16 of chapter 6 is up!
Go go Lipton!! SPRING TO ACTION!! Let's hope he has any idea what to do about this!
Page 13 of chapter 6 is up! Oooh here it comes! HERE IT COOOOMES!!
Page 10 of chapter 6 is up!
I am sorry for the very long delay, I have had my mind and time busy preparing chapter 3 for print for swedish con season. And my buffer ran out around this time too, so now I'm trying to get back on track. Thank you all for being so patient, I really really appreciate it!
Page 9 of chapter 6 is uploaded!
Will our heroes succeed to summon the fashion demon from rave-hell?? Or will it cost them an arm and a leg???
Page 8 of chapter 6 is now up! I recorded a time lapse of the drawing process of this page which can be viewed on my youtube channel:
Page 7 of chapter 6 is now up!
Expect a hella lot more cross hatching on upcoming pages, I'm having so much fun doing them :Dc
Page 6 of chapter 6 is up! Have a great monday everyone!!
Page five of chapter 6 is up!

A light at the end of the tunnel? What are you implying here Rumix....
Now what the HECKIE is that noisy thing??? ;D
AND THAT WAS CHAPTER FIVE!!! And since it's start of the year, I'm going to have a one month hiatus just like I did last year. I'm gonna prep the first three chapters to be printed as zines, so I have some material to sell when attending potential conventions. But most of all I'm going to focus on storyboarding chapter 6 - which is going to be GOOD SHIT. It's probably going to be a long chapter too. I hope y'all are looking forward to it just as much as I look forward to start drawing it! I love you all so so much and I'm so glad that people like this comic.
Now to make 2018 beg on its knees for us.
Of course I'm gonna upload a new page on the first day of the year! Happy new year everyone, let's make this year better than previous!
I wish you all happy holidays! This year certainly sucked on a global scale, but I'm proud of you all who have fought and kept going through it all. I wish you strength for 2018. I'm ready for the next year, the comic will of course keep going. And I hope that all my readers will be just as ready.
Aaand I'm BACK from my little one-week break. I really needed it, because I actually injured BOTH my arms from using a power tool for too long. So I basically almost for CTS in both my wrists. BUT I've recovered thanks to doing acupunture and a lot of love and rest. Ironically, I didn't feel pain when drawing. So I still managed to work on my buffer, I hope you all enjoy this page. I decided to do the cross-hatching manually instead of using CSP-brushes. Have a great monday everyone!
I'm pretty sure that Magnum thinks bluetooth is the technological solution to anything. Have a great monday y'all!
OOOH WHAT'S THAT BOY UP TO NOW?? Have a great monday everyone!
Introducing: LIPTONS DAD!!! WOOOHHH! I havent been able to update the past two weeks due to personal reasons that drained me of a lot of energy. On the brighter side I got some extra time to prep upcoming pages, now that inktober is over I feel like I have a better control over making a buffer again. I wish you all a great monday!
tfw u manage to sneak in your fountain pen hobby into your own comic :3c
In case anyone is wondering; my plan to buffer both inktober drawings and webcomic pages more or less failed lmao. But I'll survive. Have a great monday y'all!