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annnnd the prologue is done!
Ah yes!
Thanks for being patient! Comics are scary for me xD 'Cause it's my passion.
oh my gosh i love this comic. it's so beautifully made, and the poses are great, and I love the characters -- ahh, I'm gonna have to follow this one. Can't wait to see where they go next. something tells me the little incubus here is gonna get a little jealous~
omg this is great. also i bet jesse is a boy. yasssssss
drawn upon request
what a pretty lady
here he is drawn with a mouse and looking so gud
iiiiiiits a gif! oh shit i didn't know smackjeeves could hosts gifs now, this is awesome.
here's the music to go with this: mated
like, if u wanna color these u can, as long as u give some credit to me
meme time
done with watercolor~
i was asked to draw Dark in a hoodie so I did
Daisuke would be an.... interesting Keneki.
captain Dark an' captain Krad have a fierce rivalry with one another.
I feel like I wanted to draw his world a little bit.
I mean, I don't think it would make a difference though. He's basically already in one. BAM
now with more european clothes
this is in reference two the two people Dark could be
This is a reference to how Satoshi and Krad are reaching for what each other has. Satoshi, Krad's apathy -- and Krad, Satoshi's body. hjkshcakjhJCHSKDJHCSKJDH sad.
I had to draw my favorite character with a limited palette. Of course, I knew who to draw <3